What Are the Symptoms of Grand Mal Seizures?

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Ive had about 11 seisure in the lat 6 months  in one day a couple hours apart 2 the next day one after another . i had lost my bladder and needed cpr but what troubles me the most is my short term memory l can remember stuff from way backto being a kid as to afew years ago but i cannot remember yesterday or 3 day ago for that matter. Is that normal if so for how long ?, but what troubles me the most are seeing thing that are not there is that crazy or what
The clinical manifestations of seizures are complex and diverse, which can be manifested as paroxysmal movement, sensation, autonomic nerve, consciousness and mental disorder. The causes of epilepsy are diverse. Patients with epilepsy are treated with regular antiepileptic drugs. About 70% of patients can be controlled by episodes. 50% to 60% of patients can be cured after 2 to 5 years of treatment. Patients have a life like normal people.
Have you see a neurologist? Did your doctor find any treatable reason for this? Do you take any drugs? you should see a specialist and take drugs and follow up regularly, then you will get better.