Right-sided Heart Failure VS. Left-sided Heart Failure?

2 Answers

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What can cause right side of neck and chest to be throbbing with heart beat and shortness of breath
you may have heart disease, try to get a Cardiac ultrasound.
it's important. you may suffered from valve heart disease or congenital heart disease.
what is it when your left ear swells up in side and cant hear and throat swell up
Sounds like infection - to Betsy. It can be viral or bacterial, go get a test.
To betsyanderson: Your symptom does not seem to be associated with heart failure. You should visit an ear-neck-throat doctor to figure this out.
The top left side of my shoulder had a sharp dull like pain . Can you tell me is this a sign of blockages?
It is likely to be a sign of angina/heart attack. Angina is the pain that is felt as a result of lack of oxygen-rich blood being delivered to the heart. Along with the symptoms felt in the chest, angina has the potential to refer to the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back. The most common symptom of angina radiates to the left shoulder and down the inside of the arm.

Obviously, shoulder pain could also be caused by other non-cardiac conditions. The determination of whether shoulder pain is caused by the heart could only be determined after you get examined.
Shoulder pain is the worst, it's a sign of heart attack, so you have to take it seriously. It might not be, coz other things lead to shoulder pain as well. Then what should we do? I always take my shoulder pain seriously, until none of my family wants to send me to ER. Thank God I'm still alive.