What Are the Stages of Congestive Heart Failure?

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Father has 213/93 blood pressure heart rate 64 .. seems weak and very tired. Doesn’t want to go to doctors
BP is at a dangerous level, he seems weak and very tired, possibly he has other conditions(heart, and/or kidney). Suggest to take him to ER.
take medicine as soon as possible. i dont know the age of your father.
Try to figure out the possible reason.
some endocrine hypertrophy or tumor may cause hypertension.
blood pressure like this high may cause brain Hemorrhage, stroke.
My husband was just diagnosed with chef his blood pressure has been 185 top number he is also very anemic with a low hemo count as low as 7 and never above 8. Sometimes they find avms and cauterize them. What does low blood count mean for chf Does it make it worse. I don’t know the stage he is in. He has a hard time breathing so he has panic attacks,he is very fatigued, pain in his back,legs and ankles swollen,sometimes arms.he has frequent urination at night.what will they do to treat him? Can he get better?
Low blood count makes CHF worse, because low oxygen transport makes the heart work harder.
It is necessary to manage the blood pressure..
Symptoms can be relieved by medical medication. Recommendation is to a cardiologist for comprehensive management of chronic heart failure.
I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure back in 2007 as the years have gone by alarm I have left with the uncontrolled diabetes sugar levels A-1 C is at 11 but I’ve managed to bring down my A1 C2 6.9 but I’ve grown weaker I’ve been on dialysis for three years and I just find myself getting week  Unstabilized to walk and stand for long periods at what stage do you think I met him by CHF I have like chest pain on my right I have gone to see my doctors of course but I would just like to know what you think I’ve had diabetes for 30 years thank you
since you have DM for many years and have renal failure, both of which will contribute to coronary disease and heart failure. you shoud have angiography for your coronary atery and have heart ultrasonic gram to evaluate your heart function.
My dog of 15 years old died at the vets with fluid around his heart. What causes this?
it's hard to say.
infection ,heart failure, kidney,liver problem.
This is bulls hit there's no one that even cares. I have end stage heart failure to where I need a new heart transplant and the doctors simply refuse to let me get one. They say my hearts not strong enough for the operation. I've been waiting all my life. Plus I have kidney failure end stage too and because of my bad heart I can't get one either. It's all bullshit that anyone cares!
There is less clinical data and it is difficult to recommend. Is there a chest pain, what is the reason? The history of medication is important for diagnosis, and if possible, be as clear as possible. Cardiac ultrasound is needed to assess heart condition. Is there a history of oliguria during the course of the disease? What is the result of double kidney B ultrasound, size, echo? It is heart failure first, after kidney failure, but why is heart failure? do not know. Is there an infection? Arterial blood gas analysis can also be done. Kidney failure also needs a reason. Are there any drugs that use nephrotoxicity? For example, aminoglycosides, gentamicin is often used in some places. If there is too much fluid replacement in a short period of time, heart failure may occur first, and the elderly have poor buffering capacity, which is prone to organ failure. The blood is high, or you should look for infection. Heart failure, kidney failure, must be dealt with, otherwise it can not be corrected, heart and kidney. Is there any dialysis testimony? High potassium? Less urine? Can continue diuretic, or a small amount of albumin
If you need to get through the blood, you can only dialysis. Is the cause of heart failure clear? It is not known from the current state of the disease whether kidney failure occurs after heart failure.
If it is, it is advisable to actively carry out blood purification treatment, which is beneficial to the treatment of heart failure and renal failure. If it is unconditional, it can correct heart failure first, the application of digitalis drugs, diuretics can increase the dose and control blood pressure. If the amount of urine still does not increase, blood purification treatment must be performed.
I am 43 years old and have been battling CHF the last 8 years, I have a leaky heart valve that I inherited from my father. I too have been told that my chances of surviving valve replacement are less than 10% and if by some miracle a heart transplant becomes an option my chances are so slim I feel too guilty to even considered taking a healthy heart from others patients whose chances of survival are greater. While I don't want to die, I have accepted my future is limited. I am now in stage 4. I take more BP meds and lasix I care to list. I don't smoke don't drink, don't use recreational drugs,  I just want the remainder of my days to be as normal as possible. I'm tired of being tired!
Please, try you best to hang on, coz the medical science is developing quickly, in a couple of years there can be clone heart coming out. No one knows when, but it can be any day now.
I have for years had trouble sleeping at night. I could fall asleep, but couldn’t stay asleep ! I’ve had four back surgeries, with the last one leaving me with permanent nerve damage. During the last surgery, I had several seizures which left me with brain damage in the PONS area of the brain. I am now going through stent placements in both legs to save me from losing a foot. All of a sudden I can’t hardly stay awake ! I even can be playing a game on the I-Pad.....and almost fall out of the chair by falling asleep ! HELP !!....I also quit smoking two weeks ago !
It sounds like symptoms of nacrolepsy, which is is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. But other conditions may cause the symptoms as well. You need to see a doctor to get a specific diagnosis. People with narcolepsy experience excessive daytime sleepiness and intermittent, uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep during the daytime.

Researchers have discovered abnormalities in various parts of the brain involved in regulating REM sleep. However, it is unknown the association between pons damage and nacrolepsy.

Although there is no cure for narcolepsy, the most disabling symptoms of the disorder (EDS and symptoms of abnormal REM sleep, such as cataplexy) can be controlled in most people with drug treatment. Sleepiness is treated with amphetamine-like stimulants, while the symptoms of abnormal REM sleep are treated with antidepressant drugs.

There has recently been a new medication approved for those who suffer from narcolepsy with cataplexy. This drug, called sodium oxybate (Xyrem, helps people with narcolepsy get a better night's sleep, allowing them to be less sleepy during the day. . In addition, the new drug solriamfetol (Sunosi) has been approved to help those with narcolepsy stay awake for longer periods of time. Patients with narcolepsy can be substantially helped -- but not cured -- by medical treatment.

Lifestyle adjustments such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and heavy meals, regulating sleep schedules, scheduling daytime naps (10-15 minutes in length), and establishing a normal exercise and meal schedule may also help to reduce symptoms.
I totally agree with u,its just seems to come down to that. My dad is down to less than 17% heart function and they also want to remove gull bladder but guess what that heart isn't strong enough,wow Yer shittn'me! And along with that sum mental health issues mainly the new popular bi-polar! anxiety, severe depression, this man has been thru enough why doesn't he deserve just sum happiness,not like he's asking for it all, just a lil a smidge. Can there b more for him besides PAIN? DOCTORS pretty much took him off all of them n he was on them for over 12 years! Like how forkn awesome is that? I totally understand in some cases with the opioid epidemic Goin on, but for the people that actually need it,con seriously? And to do it just like that,has to leave with sum health concerns! But anywho, just seems like he just asks for too much. He is the type of person that goes by, give what u can take what u need. How many people honestly can say that? He truly is 1. Even though being in AA for 20+ years. Been smoke free for over a year, thats not good enough!!!?Pretty much say shit out of luck buddy,sorry not sorry.Why is this 59 year old man of 5 children n 4 great grandchildren not worthy of trying to get a new heart?? His children lost their mother when she was 41! He is all that they have. Like it can't even be an option blows my mind! my opinion is if he was of wealth or well known person or status this conversation probly wudnt of taken place.  But hell, what do I know..... best wishes n thank u for being honest n saying it how it is n keepn it real!
A French friend arranged his father to Vietname for a liver transplant, it was successful as he said, his father is doing "great" since the transplant, it's been a few years. In France you got to wait for couple of quarters to meet a doctor, in Vietnam it seems easy and much less expensive. He also mentioned that these transplants are avaiable in India and Russia, the cost is about 20% as in U.S. I never really verified the information since both my parents are healthy right now, I just feel it might be a piece of useful information to you.
For those who have CKD disease, I am in stage 4 with a GFR of 28 . I was told to go on Dyalisis but refused .. I found out that hight phosphorus and potassium was causing my problems. my GFR was as low as 20 and by watching my diet I realized what I had been eating like bananas, asparagus, Potatoes, beans, was part of the trouble. I found a chart full of all the high and low phos., and pots. and started to go on my own diet. Needless to
say my GFR was raised. My Creatin also was lowered from 2.9 to 2.1 Something no doctor ever to me.
and your doctor had not noticed your diet before? no questions asked? it's so wrong of him. so fortunate that you found it yourself.
You can have mine,I have severe horribly painful arthritis and other musckalskeletal problems I want to live but can't take it anymore I'd gladly give you my heart so you can live a good long life one of us should be able to live and enjoy gdting to old agechronic pa in pain for me isn't living it's taken every thing from me.
I'm so sorry for your health problems please keep up the faith.
I’ve been having palpitations for two months now, on and off... they’re really aggravating and I would like to know is there anyway to stop them?
Hello Ms. Johnson, most palpitations are curable, first you'll need to take an ECG so the cardiologist knows what causes the palpitations, secondly you get medication. Sometimes it's premature beat, medication can help greatly.