What Are the Symptoms of RSV in Adults?

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How long does cough last?
Hello, the time span of coughing varies from person to person. Some people have severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, and can be given immunoglobulin and antiviral therapy. Some people have good resistance and may be fine for a few days.
I tested positive for RSV 2 weeks ago. I have had coughing like a child with the croup, severe congestion, low grade fevers with sweating, muscle aches and severe weakness. After the first week it felt like I was recovering somewhat, but then I seemed to relapse once again. I have NEVER experienced any other virus like this except for the flu (I am 56 years old). It is far cry from just a severe head cold!! The viral aches and weakness make you think you are coming down with the flu. Dec 22, 2019
I had a flu attack similar to yours, didn't get tested but I felt so close to death.