Do You Know the Timeline for the End Stage of Glioblastoma?

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My husband Tim was diagnosed with GBM on October 1,2018. He was stage 4.  We did surgery to remove as much of the tumor as they could. Two weeks before we started the six weeks of radiation and chemo he had another mri so they could do the mapping. The tumor had almost completely grown back. He did four weeks of treatment by the end of the fourth week he could hardly walk he was so tried. He started sleeping most of the day only awake for short periods. He went to sleep on Saturday night after taking his medication. I couldn’t wake him the next morning. Tim passed away three days later on January 1,2019. He was in no pain and just slipped away. Tim was 70 years of age. We had to try it just wasn’t meant to be!
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs. Booth. In the journey of life none of us is the decision maker, the beloved is taken away, someday we'll all be taken away, that's life. Just take care. God bless you.
So sorry for your loss Mrs. Booth. My mother who was an outgoing 85 yrs young is at that crossroad now. After being misdiagnosed as having 2 strokes, upon the 4th MRI , it was found that she has a glioblastoma, and a large portion of it was removed. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery. Now we are wondering if the radiation and chemo would be to much for her to handle. And this past couple of days her mind has started to decline. Feel so helpless to do anything.
Always talk to her about happy things when she's conscious. It may help to cheer her up, and give you sweet moments to memorize.