Is There A Diet Program for Multiple Sclerosis?

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I know of a lady. 58 yrs old that states she has MS.  She rarely eats. I believe she is an alcoholic. She coughs a lot in the morning also, and she is a very very heavy smoker.  From my studying medical literature from my interest in medicine I have learned symptoms of the looks of the material that comes up from an alcoholic due to problems of bleeding from the esophageal varicies.  I believe she has an issue that may become very serious. She tries to appear as her problem comes from her MS. She has told people such.  I saw the " coffee grounds" in a brownish fluid like material.  So I believe she is possibly in serious trouble.  She will not go to a doctor.  I knew she is very depressed about her sons marital separation recently learned about by this woman and the probable lesssening of seeing her toddler grandchild. What responsibility do I have to notify some authority figure. If I am wrong. She may be very angry with me. Typical adductive behavior of denial.
The first thing you need to do is to persuade her to quit smoking and drinking. At least, the intake of alcohol and tobacco should be reduced. If it's true, as you said, she's an old smoker. Perennial smoking may have caused her to suffer from severe respiratory diseases. The symptoms were manifested in her severe cough in the morning. In addition, you mentioned that she was an alcoholic and would vomit coffee-like substances, but the information alone is not sure whether she is esophageal varices, because hemoptysis and vomiting have different clinical implications. Hemoptysis is mainly seen in respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Hematemesis is upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by upper gastrointestinal diseases (digestive tract above flexor ligament) or systemic diseases. Blood is vomited out through the mouth. It needs careful identification.