What Causes A Pancreatic Infection?

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I had been having stomach pains especially  with pain right under my sternum and to the right and left side and back.  I visited my gastroenterology and he ordered blood work and a sonogram of my abdomen. Today I was told that the doctor wants to do another sonogram in 6 months to see if there is any change as my pancreatic duct is dilated.   I am concerned and want to seek a second opinion.  I don't want to wait until it is too late to treat the condition.  Where can I start to address this?
It's consistent or paroxysmal? is it related to physical exercise? is it related to meals? does it happen when you are hungry? will deep breath worsen it? how old are you ? have you ever been diagnosed with digestive ulcer?
 A few life-threatening chest pain: ischemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax,aortic dissection. other disease: pneumonia, Ribitis, shingles, Intercostal neuritis,pleurisy(TB ,maybe no fever)Esophagitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer.
you can see a  doctor.
I have had 3 attacks with my Pancreatitis...in 1989 my blood counted wanted up to 3000 blood counted..I was put in the hosp.for 45 days..the Dr removed my gall bladder and my appendix..Then I had another attack in 2016 with my Pancreatitis blood count was 600..I was admitted into the hospital for a week..I was sented home...Then in 2018 I had another attract which my blood count was 1200.. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days..they had me on Morfin to help with all the pain I was having..I almost died that week..in all 3 times with my Pancreatitis I was in so much pain .I do not drink or smoke never had and never will.I am taking Ursodio 300 mg one time a day and CREON 3 times a day..and mother of the medicine is helping...
There must be a reason to the repeated occurrence. I'll try to find it out if I were you.
I've bn hospitalized for months having only a few days in between attacks. My lowest level was 4000 n known high bout 8000 n now my left side is hurting badly I'm gassy n it feels like I have a balloon bulging out of the left side n under sternum.  So painful.  Could this be a severe flare up of the pancreatitis.  Pancreas has a cyst .please ..any advice
what tests have you done??
Alcohol kills the pancreas the fastest in my experience, I have had pancreatitis three times due to alcohol.
So I guess you aren't a very fast learner when it comes to this........
I'm 1 week out of the hosp. from having a severe pancreatic attack...my 2nd...what foods should I eat to help settle the inflammation? They just sent me home on a general diet. I have no appetite what's so ever.
There are a few things you must completely avoid, such as alcohol and fried/greasy/high fat foods (such as creamy sauces, fast food, full fat meat and dairy, and anything fried). These foods can cause your pancreas to release more enzymes at once than it normally would, leading to an attack. There are also foods that you should eat only sparingly, if at all. These include refined carbohydrates (white bread, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup) which cause your pancreas to release more insulin than more wholesome complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes). In general, I recommend minimizing processed foods, which are either high in fat, high in refined sugars, or sometimes both.
The best food choices for those suffering from chronic pancreatitis are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nonfat/low fat dairy, and lean cuts of meat. Healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds, may be consumed with careful portion control.
You can also seek the assistance of a Registered Dietitian (RD).