What Are the Causes of Atherosclerosis?

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Can mold exposure cause this
Present researches have not shown there is a connection.
High blood pressure and lipid cause atherosclerosis.
Can this condition be treated? And how?
the most common  Causes of Atherosclerosis is hyperlipidemia and hypertension
1) have a healthy lifestyle:do physical exercise and low fat low salt diet
2)drugs:eg :statin
both of which can help to slow down the formation and progression of  Atherosclerosis.
I have bursa Rh osteoporosis defensive and on . I also had polio when I was 2. Could this be a cause to what I have.   I do not have diabetes or Hi bl pressure or anything like that
According present studies ,bursa Rh osteoporosis  and  polio are not related to Atherosclerosis. Diabetes and hypertension are relatd to Atherosclerosis.
Is there a  cure for the disease , my mother is 85 years today. Doctors said she have cerebral atherosclerosis.
There is medication for prevention of stroke:asprin and statin.  Drugs should be used under the guidance of doctors. Cerebral atherosclerosis can't be cured.
Hello Ms. Rivera, cerebral atherosclerosis is the plaque deposits on the wall of the blood vessel in the brain, it's irreversible, and risky. A lot of people have cerebral atherosclerosis, from mid-age to the seniors, not everyone with cerebral atherosclerosis die from a stroke. A stroke is preventable. Your mom's doctor will give her prescription, and make sure she takes them as prescribed. As long as the prevention of stroke is well done, your mom can live with the cerebral atherosclerosis.
My Dr. said i have arotic artherosclerous,my dad, mom, little brother and older brother as well, my dad died young 46, younger brother 52, my older brother had a triple bypass, this is the firsti i have heard i had this, i take blood pressure pills, and statin for years, that has kept my blood pressure and cholestrol low and in control, so why do i get the plaque? is it reversible.
Obesity and other metabolic factors are primarily risk factors for atherosclerosis. However, the exact cause for this condition remains unknown. If you take statins and the cholesterol level is kept low, then it could help delay the progression of atherosclerosis.
Atherosclerosis is a genetic disease. You have a family history and are naturally susceptible to the disease.
As you say, you have a family history of early onset of coronary heart disease, which means that your family's genes are susceptible to atherosclerosis. And even if you are using drugs, you could still have atherosclerosis. The current use of statins and blood pressure pills is very effective to prevent further atherosclerosis. You should keep using them as told by your doctor. How old are you now? Genetics cannot be changed, but some lifestyle improvements can make you farther from coronary heart disease. What you can do: control your blood pressure to the ideal state, quit smoking, control blood sugar to normal levels, control blood lipids to lower levels (follow up with your doctor, check regularly, the condition of arterial plaque, whether you need stronger lipid-lowering drugs ), control the weight to the ideal state (normal BMI is less than 24).
The main factors are hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, smoking, family genetic history, etc,