What Are the Symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus?

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What type of corticosteroid ointment and how often should you use it. Can you get it over the counter?
Hi Ms. Vanessa, topical corticosteroid is a list of drugs with low to medium potency, they're classified from class 1 to class 7, with class 1 containing the highest potency. You can get class 7 and some of class 6 from OTC, including Cetacort, Cortaid, Hytone, Locoid cream. You may simply go to the pharmacy and ask for hydrocortisone cream. Topical corticosteroid isn't for long-term use, please make sure to consult the pharmacist how to use or read the label carefully before you buy one.
I been very sick every day and back pains my vagina area looks bad .can I die
There are a few treaments for Lichen sclerosus. But, the most important thing is to a dermatologist ASAP. Treatment should be guidede by the doctor.
 1.General treatment
Keep the vulva clean and dry, disable irritating drugs or soap to clean the vulva, avoid wearing chemical fiber underwear, not eating spicy and allergic foods. For those with obvious itching symptoms, insomnia, add sedative, sleeping and anti-allergic drugs.
2. Local medication
The disease is mainly itch, with glucocorticoid treatment, the effect is certain. Commonly used 1% to 2% hydrocortisone ointment or 0.025% fluocinolone ointment, 3 to 4 times / day. After 6 weeks of treatment, the lesions returned to normal. Topical application of testosterone propionate is the standard method for the treatment of sclerosing moss. The curative effect varies from person to person. Some atrophic skin can return to normal, some lesions have improved, and there are no obvious curative effects.
3. Subcutaneous injection
Those with itchiness and ineffective surface treatment can be injected subcutaneously with triamcinolone acetonide suspension. If the method fails to achieve the goal, the patient is still itchy and can be injected subcutaneously with pure alcohol under regional anesthesia. It should be noted that alcohol cannot be injected into the skin, which may lead to skin necrosis. Subcutaneous injection of alcohol can completely relieve itching, but it can not relieve the burning sensation of the vulva skin.
4. Surgical treatment
For patients with severe disease or ineffective drug treatment, it is feasible to have superficial vulvectomy or laser ablation. Laser ablation can only remove epidermal lesions, but it is not effective for subdermal lesions. The recurrence rate of surgical resection is high, not only at the margin of resection, but also for transplanting skin. Can relapse. There is very little chance of malignant transformation of this disease, and surgery is rarely used.
Is B12 defency  and or vitamin D a symptoms or sigbn of lichen Sclerosis?
Hello, the etiology of vulvar lichen sclerosis is unknown. It may be related to the following factors: autoimmune diseases, androgen deficiency, such as testosterone deficiency, genetic diseases, and local tissue free radicals. It is suggested that patients should pay attention to personal hygiene and go to hospital for treatment.
Licen Sclerosis isn’t a common disease, B12 deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem. Nutrition is the first to review. Have you been eating healthy foods and exercising outdoor regularly? Usually supplement of B12 and VD can help. If you’re worried about Lichen of course you can see your primary and get the tests.
How can you rid vaginal lichen sclerosis
Corticosteroid ointment is the comment treatment.