What Is the Treatment for RSV in Babies?

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My 9 day old nephew has RSV with secondary pneumonia and is in the hospital x 4 days now. They have him on a ventilator and have put him in a medical coma. His body fights the ventilator so they keep him in a coma to try and rest his little lungs and body so the ventilator can do it’s job. Please tell me is he in a terrible situation from which he will recover or is this worse than I thought. Can someone please let me know what I might expect in the near future?
Thank you,
C. King
RVS is a common infection infants. For an infant ,any infection is dangerous, because they have not established mature immune system. Ventilator is very helpful for pneumonia. I am not sure about the prognosis of this, and the doctor might also not sure about this, the Rehabilitation may take a very long time, but baby's condition may deteriorate very soon. Be paitien, if you have any quesstion, consult with your doctor.