Can Pancreatitis Be Treated?

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I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis but have no health insurance.what can i do
My dad has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, too. His Dr. said there's no effective medication, can take digestive enzymes if he wants, nothing special, just like the enzymes you can get from Vitamin stores. The key is to avoid greasy foods, take fiber rich, sugarless, low salt vegetables and fruits and whole grain, avoid processed foods, saturated fats, blah blah
Drink less alcohol, avoid overeating, prevent and treat biliary diseases if you have this problem. Active treatment can relieve symptoms, but it is not easy to cure. Get the insurance if possible, in case you develop complications in future.
Absolutely NO alcohol can make you have Acute pancreatitis onset within 8-24 hrs, maybe sooner. If you're in early stage might get away with it a few times, but will still cause pancreas damage.