What Are Early Symptoms of Pancreatic Problems?

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I'm having intermittent upper left sided under my breast dull like pain, it comes and goes without any pattern, sometimes increased gas experienced. just very uncomfortable at times, can go days with no pain, movement sometimes decrease the pain,with occasional foul odor with gas .
Pain characteristics of peptic ulcer:
(1) The characteristics of long-term recurrent epigastric pain. The average course of the disease is 6 to 7 years, some of which can be as long as one or two decades, or even longer.
(2) Periodic epigastric pain occurs repeatedly and periodically, which is one of the characteristics of this kind of ulcer, especially duodenal ulcer. The episode of mid-upper abdominal pain lasts for several days, weeks or longer, followed by a longer period of relief. It can occur all year round, but it is common in spring and autumn.
(3) The relationship between the pain of rhythmic ulcer and diet has obvious correlation and rhythm. During the period from 3 a.m. to breakfast during the day, gastric acid secretion is the lowest, so there is little pain during this period. The pain of duodenal ulcer occurs between meals and lasts until it is relieved after eating or taking acid drugs. Some patients with duodenal ulcer suffer from midnight pain due to the high level of acid in the stomach at night, especially those who have eaten before going to bed. The occurrence of gastric ulcer pain is irregular, often occurs within 1 hour after meal, and gradually relieves after 1 to 2 hours until the above rhythm appears again after eating.
(4) The pain of duodenal ulcer in the pain site mostly occurred in the mid-upper abdomen, or above the umbilical cord, or in the right part above the umbilical cord; the pain of gastric ulcer mostly occurred in the mid-upper abdomen, but slightly higher, or in the left part under the xiphoid process and the xiphoid process. The pain range is about several centimeters in diameter. Because the location of visceral pain in the cavity on the body surface is generally not very accurate, so the location of pain may not accurately reflect the location of the ulcer.
(5) The nature of pain is blunt pain, burning pain or hunger-like pain, which is generally mild and tolerable. Persistent severe pain indicates ulcer penetration or perforation.
(6) Influencing factors such as
I have very severe pain on the left side of my back and lower stomach now for three weeks.  I have NO fever or vomitting. Cant sleep at night cause of the pain
Possible reasons: shingles, esophagitis, hiatal hernia, intercostal neuritis, kidney stone,pancreatitis,digestive ulcer, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy,ovarian cysts. Other conditions can't be excluded. You should go to ER ASAP. Since it's been 3 days , you are not gettng better.
I also want to know if small floating size like Lincoln logs pieces of stool is normal? going on 2-1/2 wks. now, should I be concerned?
It should be normal, you may consider taking more fiber rich foods though.