Do Sulfonylureas Have Side Effects?

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does insulin injections have any side effects.
Long-term injection of insulin in diabetic patients, or improper injection, will have some side effects, mainly the following:
1, pain
Injecting insulin is a technical activity. Some people with diabetes have a painful feeling due to improper injection at the beginning, which creates a shadow or fear of insulin injection. In fact, insulin injection needles are generally small, as long as the correct operation, the pain will be less than vaccination or other drugs.
Usually, the subcutaneous fat layer of the abdomen is thicker, and it is more convenient to inject, and the absorption here is stable, and the pain generated is the least. Diabetic patients can choose to inject in the abdomen, but do not always inject in one part.
In general, diabetic patients, under the guidance of a doctor or professional, learn the correct way to inject and overcome the inner fear to minimize pain.
2, low blood sugar
Hypoglycemia often occurs when eating too little, excessive exercise, excessive insulin dose or reduction, etc., generally have symptoms such as hunger, sweating, chills, dizziness, etc. In severe cases, coma, convulsions or shock may occur, and there are also When there is no sign, there is a sudden coma.
If the situation is lighter, you can drink some sugar or eat some sugar, and add sugar to save yourself. If the situation is serious, you should send it to the doctor in time.
Although it is common to have hypoglycemia during the insulin injection process, diabetic patients should take more precautions to minimize the occurrence of hypoglycemia. For example, if you eat properly between meals or before going to bed, do not adjust the insulin dose at will, and exercise intensity should not exceed your tolerance.
3. Insulin antibodies
Previously, due to technical limitations, certain impurities were present in insulin preparations. Diabetic patients produced insulin antibodies in the body for a period of time after insulin injection, resulting in decreased insulin activity and reduced efficacy.
Now, high-purity