What's to Know About Fungal Skin Infections?

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Ques... For better than 2 yrs. I have been plagued with a scalp ("sore of sm.kind). Many trips to see Derm. Dr's who have biopsied it, scraped it to no avail.  They said get on psch meds. Which I'm on. But these things are REAL!!Now, I feel these "strings" coming from the sore, (on back of head), and the said strings "jet/migrate to my npse, eyes and mouth mostly at night. My ears are also infected with a "webbing/or wings, (that I can just lift up from my skin. I'm I ,thank god , have no other symptoms. Now I'm leaning toward Threadworms, flukes,etc. WHAT is wrong with me??
I have no idea what are you talking about. you should see a doctor and have test for it.
Jonathan, what you are describing sounds exactly like Morgellons Disease, of which most, if not all, doctors know nothing, nor do they believe it even exists. Check out Richard Kuhn’s book, How To Get Your Life Back From Morgellons And Other Skin Parasites. You can find it on Amazon. And you can find his website and protocol  on-line. I know of no other successful treatments. Good luck to you!
I have been going through a similar situation and not one doctor new what it is it s been 2 1/2 years now my life has completely stopped no longer can tack the pain I saw at least 15 doctor I had tried anything to get rid of it but no luck
It's very likely to be Morgellons!!
Morgellon.  Find Dr Judy milkovitz. There is a bath they have found that works
What causes toe nail fungus and what are symptoms? All of my toenails are turning white.
The cause is fungal infection, the feet and toes are generally sweaty and easy for fungus to grow. The toenails after being infected can turn white, then yellow, thicker, layered. Usually starts from the edge of nails or the surface of the nails. Prescription works better than OTC anti-fungal treatments.
Where can I get a prescription?
You need to see a doctor first, and the doctor would scribble a prescription to you accordingly.
I heard of online prescriptions also, like quickrxrefill. Haven't tried though.