What Are Types of Pancreatic Cysts?

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I think  I have a cyst in my  pancreas  I have lot. swelling in my belly  I feel like  I'm pregnant it's huts me  real bad
have you done CT scan? if you are diagnosed by a doctor, you should consult  a surgeon . Swelling in the belly is not common in  pancreas cyst.
My daughter has been in out hospital send  March she started  with pain in stomach she keep  getting  big like she 9 month pregnant ut hospital one month they let her out hospital I now have her in sc at hospital so many xray ct mri stomach down pain not as bad living on drugs now with drain lines pancreatic cyst fluid as a bad order when I clean her bags please pray for her 47 year old
Let's pray for her.
I have a real bad pain in the middle of my back. I have had a ct scan done and the dr told me I have a small cyst on my pancreas but never told me what kind or what to do about this pain been like this since June of last year please need answers
Hello, regarding the cyst type, you must ask your doctor because he can see the CT results. There are many types of pancreatic cysts, except for the small cysts that can be temporarily treated conservatively. Others require surgery.