Can Antibiotics Cure Bladder Infection?

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What kind of antibiotic do you take for batter infection
bladder infection?
Third generation cephalosporin
pain in lower left side of adomen and hurts when I sit for while then stand up
It might be constipation or urinary system calculus. See a doctor.
If the pain is above the pubic triangle,it is not the abdomen area. It is the inguinal area where all the leg muscles plug into the upper side of the body. If the pain is activaded by muscle movement, then a tendoanitis is most likely. I developed the same pain in my right side and my primary physician always sent me to the ginecologist, who did sonograms of my vagina and told me "you have nothing" -for years. I asked what do you think could be and she always said "I don't know" you have to go back to your primary (but if the primary doesn't know three years in a row, then what?. In 2013 they took my apendix out, but the same pain persisted. I asked the surgeon, what do you think I may have, and he said "I don't know". Then I went to the bladder specialist, who did a sonogram of my vagina again and again said "you have nothing". I asked what do you think I may have and he said "I don't know". During those years of constant pain, I changed the computer chair three times and the mattress twice, but the pain did not go away and sometimes it woke me up in the middle of the night while the muscles from the legs were pushing downwards and my muscles from the abdomen were pushing upwards. When the intestine or the bladder was full it hurted a tiny little bit more. I couldn't sit for more than 20 minutes, so I re-plastered and paited my whole apartment. Empty handed and frustrated I took an airplane and flew to my home country where they have socialized medicine and sat in a public hospital until I got another sonogram again on my vagina again and the MD said "you have nothing". He saw my pain my anguish and my tears.  Then, he said "you may have a "PUBALGIA". A what? How do you spell it? The MD told me to Google: "la PUBALGIA de Messi". He directed me to get a sonogram of my muscles and tendons NOT THE ORGANS! A "sporthologist" does the work for "athletes". When I googled I recognized the pains and I cried. It had taken seven years to figure it out because doctors don't know enough anatomy to even begin the search for treatment. The sporthologist took my underwear out told me to relax and suddenly opened my knees fast and with energy without warning. My screaming of pain was heard from the sidewalk. With a smile she said "I know what you have, let me start the sonogram above the pubic triangle and where the legs meet the body, which will confirm what I already know. In writing was a tendinitis of the adductor lungus at the insertion point with the rectus abdominus. This diagnosis cannot be obtained from a sonogram of the ORGANS which describe how many inches long and wide are the ovaries and the uterous (I have a collection of them). I was directed to do PHYSICAL THERAPY. It is extremely important to follow the advice. Now, my PHYSICAL THERAPYST tells me what exercises I cannot do (resistance with movement) and I can do,:1) movement without resistance (dancing, sweeming, running, aerobics) without resistance, or 2) resistance but without movement (like a statute of liberty) etc. until I grow the muscles to the right proportion. It is sad the doctors don't know enoughoh outside presescribing on their notepads and don't have anatomy knowledge. They have wasted ten years of my life living in pain and asking me "what medications over the counter did you take"? and promptly writing my pain as "arthalgia is now "chronic". What a waste. I don't take nothing. I get anaphylaxis, while the epidemics on opioids to numb the pain is unstoppable. Starting in 2020 the Physical Therapist are coming out of the closet in the industry and are becoming "medical doctors" with an eight year degree comparable to any doctor in any specialty. It is so sad we,lay people have to endure all this pain just because the medical system is broken. Free from pain, I walk grateful I have found a Physical therapist that in one session took the pain out of my body which I have been carrying for ten years. By massaging hard on the inner tight (something a MASSAGE TERAPHIST won't do bz in their scrip the inner thighs and the buttocks don't exist), the pain went away! Last, I asked my physical therapist to do a three part report: 1)complain, 2) diagnosis, 3) treatment, and it helped me understand what is happening to me. No one should suffer due to pain and misdiagnosis. My periodontist in North Bay Village can prescribe Percocet instead of Tylenol for dental treatment bz I am allergic to Tylenol, paracetamol, aspirine, Advil and all the over the counters I discovered after seven anaphylaxis that did not end my life bz I don't have tonsils. I can inject myself with adrenaline obtained from another dentist. Medicating over the pain is a temporary patch, but not a solution. 2020 is going to make a change for the millions of people that live in pain due to misdiagnose. Anyone should have a physical therapist near specially if you play sports, lift weights or are over 40 or any combination of those. Best of luck.