What Are the Causes of Bladder Discomfort?

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What's  causes it? How can you prevent it? Bladder infection
1)Sex   In young sexually active women, sexual activity is the cause of 75–90% of bladder infections, with the risk of infection related to the frequency of sex.
Women are more prone to UTIs than men because, in females, the urethra is much shorter and closer to the anus.

2)Chronic prostatitis in the forms of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome and chronic bacterial prostatitis . Risk of infections increases as males age. While bacteria is commonly present in the urine of older males this does not appear to affect the risk of urinary tract infections.

3)Urinary catheters
Urinary catheterization increases the risk for urinary tract infections.
4) A predisposition for bladder infections may run in families.
it can be tricky , you should go to hopital to fin out the pathogen, excude tubercolersis and other conditions.
Sometimes I can't pee; then a trickle; then a flood. My urologist says my bladder is where it belongs and functioning properly. Where do I go next? My vagina has a bulge inside, weakened wall?
I think you should see a gynecologist to check what is happening in your vagina.