Why Do I Have Bladder Spasms?

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What if the bladder pain is so severe, and for 6 years the doctors have been unable to cure it or lesson the pain.
do you get a  clear diagnosis? infectiion ,tumor, tuberculosis infection? did the doctor give you drugs?
What medications can keep spasms in check? Mine are due to a bad surgery where my bladder was cut and lining breeches as well as hyperextending my urethras due to an improper  placement. No urologist will touch me given I’ve 90%  chance of losing my bladder entirely.
spasm in bladder?  I am afraid you should see a good urologist. at the same time, you need to accept the possiblity of losing my bladder entirely. Besides, what is the primary disease of you bladder? therapy of primary disease is also important.
my husband is having bad bladder spasms since the catheter was changed about 3 weeks ago. when he has the spasms it comes out around the tub instead of all of it going into the bag. He has to wear Depends and be change 3-4 times a day. What can be done and what could the cause be?
Hello Jeani, medication like Solifenacin can help.
I have had my catheter changed twice, do to settlement stopping it up. When this happens spasm get sever, and leak around catheter.  I went from a 16 to a 20 that has larger holes in it.
Bladder spasm is common for patients who have catheter in bladder. It will cause pain in bladder and leakage round the catheter. Mostly, you cannot get rid of it completely. You can consult your doctor about taking some M receptor blocker such as tolterodine to improve the symptom.
Can the pain of this be treatable?
Yes, a urologist can help you manage the pain.
stay hydrated, drink lots of water.  It gets rid of my cramps
Coffee, tea and sodas make my bladder spasm so now I drink just water. I do not hut anymore and I do not need depends for bladder leakage.
thanks for the sharing, I want to try it.