Can You Show Pictures of Lupus Skin Rash?

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Does it itch and ooze like shingles? I also have shingles and will need to be able to tell the rashes apart.
What type of dr will test you for lupus?
I have become immune to benadryl and allergic to cortison and steroids (from hives to seizures). Are there any other itching remedies? Slowly going insane for a year now!
Rheumatologists are doctors specialized on the lupus. For the itching remiedies, you can also take cetirizine or loratadine orally, both are antihistamine medications and will be effective for itchiness.
I have been diagnosed with lupus of the skin....itches like crazy at times...I have 2 kinds...I think mine came out with stress...My son is very ill.... dr tells me no it's not from stress. I also have it on my legs...I am on plaquenil and steroids. hope this will go away.
The skin is not a typical site of lupus. Do you have other symptoms that cause this diagnosis? Stress is a common inducer for skin problems or autoimmune disease. You need to be relaxed. In addition, do you feel better after taking plaquenil? If not, I recommend that you see a dermatologist.
See a Rheumatologist..
I'm 54 years old always told I had fibromyalgia, acid reflux disease,arthritis,back issues, lived off pain pills to function, moved north, found out the truth, I have full blown systemic lupus, polymyalgia rheumatica, sjodin syndrome, they discovered this after they froze my blood, and YES it will cause the problems you are having, good luck
What do you take for yours ? My wife has this. They treat her with plaqunenil and it doesn't help.
My wife has the first five symptoms.
Plaqunenil is not a very powerful drug for skin lupus. Moreover, this drug belongs to the category of DMARD (disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs), which means that these drugs work very slowly and it takes about months or even half a year for it to be effective. If it does not work, make sure to see a rheumatologist to change the meds. There are plenty of meds that work for lupus.
I have a rash on my face that has moved from one side to the other side . no one can seem to diagnose it. I have been tested for lupus and i don’t have it at this time.  Any ideas?  I’ve been to Derm‘s 10 times I’ve had three biopsies and long-term anabiotic‘s and multiple lotions to put on my skin, it has been a year with this.
Many rashes have their own crossovers, and sometimes it is difficult for a professional dermatologist to diagnose it. In addition, some severe rash diseases, if not diagnosed and differential diagnosis, will delay the treatment of the disease and affect the prognosis. Different diseases and rash morphological characteristics have the same characteristics, so the diagnosis of diseases needs to be considered in combination with medical history, and there are many rash diseases treated differently. Why do we need to recognize which kind of disease? In order to judge the prognosis! Can not over-treatment, can not let go of heavy patients, be alert to severe cases!!!
I used to get cortisone injections on my scalp where lesions would appear.  I had the same kind of hair loss as well.  My hair grew back but most people say theirs did not.  Lupus is so individualized.  I would take Biotin to give you a better chance at hair retention.  I was diagnosed at 28 and I am now 63.
I am happy that your hair regrew. I had lupus when I was 20 and at that time my scalp was incredibly dry and I was losing a great deal of hair. I tried generic Plaquenil and it kept the circles from forming. My dr told me to stay out of the sun and away from heat.
I did all that too.  I have used Plaquenil on and off for 35 years.  It really does help with holding off lesions and facial/chest rash.  I definitely stay out of the son and intense heat.
Maybe roseola
My seventeen-year-old daughter has been suffering with a lot of the symptoms but I took her to test and they said she didn't have Lupus I took her to a dermatologist because she had been hitting on her life and has skin lesions in at first they just said it was eczema and she's allergic to everything she does ige of 5000 and she had a lot of bumps on her skin and they did a punch test and they said she have folliculitis and on her scalp they said that she had scalp psoriasis and where was she put a liquid on it and that has helped her from itching and takes away the soresok
Why does the discoid lupus on my scalp get sore and I have scarring on my head and the hair is gone will I need to get a wig ,?I'm afraid because some of the scarring is about the size of a 50 cent coin and the new coin shaped ones is so sore I don't know if I can handle a wig.
No, you have to wait until the sores have all scarred.
Will a lupus rash go away itself?
And how long does it take.
I was having all sign and still does. All the medicine the doctor put me on have bad side effects and I had to have implants in both eyes. Every thing the doctor put me on it’s take a toll on my body. Not talking anything right now but I have to keep checking on my blood work every three months to make sure my kidneys is functioning properly and lung and heart. Loss most of my hair and scalp very irritating. No grease or spray on my scalp because that’s makes it worse.

Why a skin biopsy for lupus?

There're two types of lupus:

  • Cutaneous lupus
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)

Cutaneous lupus is restricted within the affected skin, SLE can affect more body organs. A person with cutaneous lupus doesn't necessarily develop SLE, a person with SLE doesn't necessarily develop cutaneous lupus.

Interestingly, SLE can and can only be diagnosed by blood test looking for the antibody, cutaneous lupus is often diagnosed through a skin biopsy. 

I have had welts on my head now for 3 + years, I have had MRSA a few times in these welts. This year's I went to a dermatologist and she did a biopsy.  It came back inconclusive? She then ordered blood work. The only thing the blood work showed was my white blood cell was low? Everything else she tested came back negative or normal? I Do have a low thyroid on med for it, I am a diabetic  type 2 on meds and insulin, I have been on hormones since I was 30yrs old from having a hystroectomy with indrometriosis, i have low vitamins D and magnesium.
My dermatologist is calling my welts Lupus? They feel like pimples, whey they come in, very sore and full of a clear sticky fluid. Is the Dr Right? She says stay out of the sun? I find dying my hair helps calm it down for a short time, Dr says it ok to do. I also found using head and shoulders clinical shammpoo works well also. I am losing hair around the welts wich look like bug bites or a very infected pimple?
It doesn't seem to support cutaneous lupus because 1) the biopsy results did not favor this; 2) all the blood tests were negative; 3) lupus would not be improved by shampoo.
Can you produce photos If lupus skin