What Are the Signs of Bladder Infection for Male?

2 Answers

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I am a 72 yr old male 6ft tall 238 lbs moderately active in the wt room i lift pretty heavy weights ican still do reps with 300 or more lbs on the bench press iam aretireed army paratrooper,my concern is i have had a uti around 3 times with the strong smelling urine seems to occur a couple of days after sex or exercise and know I’m going to urinate to often,help thanks.
Dear, can you tell me What is the smell of urine? How many times a day do you urinate? Is there pain when urinating?How long has this been going on?
I have to go just about every hour during the day   At least three times at night
Another possibility is benign prostate hyperplasia, in addition to a urinary tract infection. You should go to the hospital and get a urine test for UTI and a prostate and bladder ultrasound for prostate hyperplasia. These tests help to find out the underlying cause for your problem.
I haven't had alot of urine, could that still be a bladder infection? I'm weak, I ran a fever, and my right side is sore.
Usually, a bladder infection presents as frequent urination, urgency to urination, dysuria. Acute glomerulonephritis or acute pyelonephritis may have symptom of Oliguria and fever. you should see a doctor ASAP.