What Are the Signs of Bladder Prolapse?

4 Answers

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What can be done for the bulge? The egg in vagina?
It can be Surgically repaired
Looks like I'm giving birth and head is crowning
it can be  the Signs of Bladder Prolapse. gat a ultrasound gram, it can be clearly diagnosed. go to a doctor for professional advice, maybe surgery.
it's tough.
Would the bladder be smooth or lumpy?
prolapsed bladder is a medical condition in which a woman's bladder bulges into her vagina. Some may have no symptoms. Other may have trouble starting urination, urinary incontinence, or frequent urination. Complications may include recurrent urinary tract infections and urinary retention.Cystocele and a prolapsed urethra often occur together and is called a cystourethrocele,which can negatively affect quality of life.
A normal bladder is smooth.
can a bladder lift be done the second time after 18 years? can a bladder lift be done a second time after 18 years?