Is There Any Prolapsed Bladder Exercise for Women?

3 Answers

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Get bladder infections. No leakage. Trouble emptying out. Stops and goes for several minutes.
Hi Beverly, other than infection, a urethral sphincter problem(bladder control) or stone can also cause symptoms similar to yours. You’d have your doctor check for you.
can you still have sex if you have a prolapsed bladder ??
Yes, as long as you're not feeling any discomfort, it's okay.
It's very hard an sometimes just barely making it.Especially at work what should I do.My bladder feels full soon after I already went.
I don't have a bladder prolapse yet but I had a similar feeling when I had UTI, it's like the bladder feels full all the time, when I go pee there's little coming out, when I return  I feel like doing it again. There was pressure, anxiety, don't like the feelings.
Same as above.
I got these symptoms weeks ago, saw a dr yesterday, it's UTI. I got antibiotics for that.