What Is the Function of Gallbladder to Human Body?

3 Answers

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My daughter feels  I may have gallbladder problems.  Earlier in 2018 I was having problems w/ diarrhea and vomiting. As the year went by my problem kept getting worse. I am 65 , and now it is really bad, mainly the vomiting. Could that be a sign of gallbladder problems.
there are quite a few disease can cause vomiting.
how is your vomiting like ,projectile vomiting is more like a problem in brain(bleeding, tumor). Chronic kidney disease with high serus creatine  also cause vomiting.
chronic nausea and vomit is more like a problem in digestive system: GERD(gastric-esophagus reflux disease), ulcer, hepatitis.
gallbladder problems usually presents pain in the right upper abdomen.
you should go to the hospital and get a systemic test.
Ever since I got my gallbladder removed I have diarrhea all  time
you should go to hospital for some drugs. you should avoid High fat diet. because your gallbladder has been removed, the function of Fat metabolism has been impaired. some drugs may help.
I have chest pain just like a heart attack. The Dr.s say my heart is fine. I have a big problem with my bowels constipation to dirriea seldom ever normal. I am 71 years old. All my pain is on the right side when I have an attack. Doesn't last long maybe an hour. It is really bad when it happens
Do I need to see a gastrointestinal Dr.
you have pain , bowels constipation to dirriea. I think  you should see a gastrointestinal Dr.