What Are Acute Pancreatitis' Symptoms?

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Does it ever go away
yes , it can be treated. there are always causes for Acute Pancreatitis.such as drinking alcohol, eating too much food. as the causes disappear, the pain goes away.
I have been going thru this for over a year terrible vomiting pain in my left side nothing I can't do anything but ride with it I have had my gallbladder removed does anyone know of anything else that I can do to help with this I am actually thinking about going to the Mayo clinic some one please help me with any input I would appreciate it  I don't drink or over indulge in food as per now I only weigh 100 lbs any thing would be appreciated if you are going through this or have any ideas please let me know thank you Pamela kurmin
It is not acute pancreatitis. It would not last that long. If it is pancreatitis, it would be chronic pancreatitis. Moreover, there are so many conditions that would cause abdominal pain. It is necessary to do abdominal CT scans and blood works to find the cause. Mayo Clinic is a very good choice.