Can Fibrosis Occur in the Liver?

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M husband has stage 4 fibrosis what is his prognosis and how dangerous is it
it's not a good situation, depends on the liver function(ALT AST BIL level) and Coagulation(PT APTT)and ascites and Gastrointestinal bleeding. you should ask the doctor you are seeing, it's complicated.
What is stage 2 fibrosis? Can it heal ?
The doctors divided the liver fibrosis into F0, F1, F2, F3 and F4, 5 grades: F0 is no liver fibrosis, ≥ F1 is mild liver fibrosis, ≥ F2 is moderate liver fibrosis, ≥ F3 is severe Liver fibrosis, F4 is cirrhosis.
It can not be reversed. Treatment may slow down the progression.
Yes it can reverse if treated.
There is abundant evidence in animal models that even advanced cirrhosis is reversible, and in humans, the data suggest that fibrosis is reversible.
That is right, on mice, not on human yet. There's hope.
Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have identified a key element that is responsible for fibrosis of many incurable and life-threatening diseases, such as scleroderma. Their finding can help develop new specific and efficient treatments to reverse tissue fibrosis processes.

Over-expression of c-Jun protein in genetically modified animals led to the development of fibrosis in nearly all organs, including lung, liver, skin and bone marrow. This confirms the important role this protein has in fibrotic processes, and in the development of several fibrotic diseases.

Interestingly, the authors found that the diseased fibroblasts were surrounded by immune cells called macrophages. This was previously reported in cancer, where cancer cells express a “don’t eat me” signal that makes them evade the macrophages’ anti-cancer activity. This is mediated by a cell surface protein called CD-47.

Inhibition of this signal with an anti-CD47 antibody has shown to restore the ability of the macrophages to detect and destroy the cancer cells. This immunotherapy is currently undergoing a Phase 1 study in humans with advanced solid tumors.

That was publisehd in 2017.

Agree, only in mice.
I love Stanford. They've made huge breakthroughs these years, including injecting virus into the body of cancer patients to kill the cancer cells, and this one reversing fibrosis.
Can a liver regrow itself if a person has cirrhosis really bad
No, it can't regrow itself.
Yes!! Actually,it CAN!! My mom has a friend who was a very heavy drinker. Her Dr told her that her liver was the size of a 50 cent piece!! She was told by her Dr, if she did not stop drinking, she would be dead within 12 months. She quit drinking. Her liver has grown back to it's normal size and it functions perfectly!
Interesting story. First, it is impossible for a liver to be as small as a 50 cent piece, even for a significantly shrunk liver. The human liver weighs several kilograms. So it would still be large even if it has shrunk in size. Second, if the friend of your mom stopped drinking, the cause of liver injury would be gone and she would probably regain a normal liver function. However, this does not necessarily mean that the liver in this case regrows. Finally, I am trying to answer the question of this thread "Can a liver regrow itself if a person has cirrhosis really bad". The answer is no. For terminal liver cirrhosis, the only treatment is liver transplant. However, in other situations, for example, when you have been a healthy person and then you were found to have a liver tumor, and the surgeon cut off a half (or 3/4) of your liver to remove the tumor, your liver would likely regrow to the size prior to the surgery.
So there is no difference in fibrosis level 1 w/o September or something like that is it the same as saying your liver at stage one has some cirrosis?
Liver fibrosis has 4 stages, in stage 4 it's cirrhosis.