What Are The Symptoms of Complex PTSD?

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I was also almost killed by a semi truck accident lost my career. I went from being out going to never wanting to leave home. Did you go thru this as well
I did, and I wanted to talk about it. I was born with a type of heart disease, but my parents didn't know. When I was a kid, I had an episode, the symptom disappeared in like 10 minutes, and my mom didn't take me  to any doctor. At 22, I started my career, one night I had some wine at a company party, the next morning I had 280 bpm and I was sent to ER. The ER doctor later told me that I was so so close to death. I had a surgery. Doctors told me I would never had this again. I went back to my life. In four years, I had another episode. It was in the midnight, I had 230 bpm. So I took the second surgery. Am I okay now? The doctor said yes, but I just couldn't trust him. Since then I couldn't stay in any closed area, the biggest problem is, I can no longer fly. I'm a business woman, and I can't fly. Ridiculous. I had to make a living, I had to work hard. I made myself fly here and there. Then one time, when I boarded, my heart started to beat so fast I couldn't control it I was so scared I thought I was going to die. The plane was already on the runway and was about to take off. I told the attendant I couldn't make it.  The airplane went back to the apron. I went to the ER. Nothing, doctor said it's a panic. See, I got the plane go back! Since then I learned to differentiate a panic and a heart attack. But that ain't help. Several years later I did the same thing once again. See, I am the woman to turned back the plain, TWICE!!!  I haven't boarded once ever since then. I'm a business woman, and I can't fly. Ridiculous! I'm smarter than 99.99% people in the office, but I can't fly, I was no longer the star in the office. That's how I lost to some bitch in the office. For so many times, I wanted to cheer myself up, force myself to board into the stupid airplane, but I just couldn't. I've seen psychologist, htat helps, but I still can't. Even think about it I feel so anxious. Now my boy has grown up, now I need to take him to see the world, now what can I do?
You're somebody, when I read "nobody " I wondered the reasons why you typed this as your name.  Yes, I agree the world thinks we, with anxiety appear to be the ones to pass on by when we're in distress...could that be the reason? Like you  I suffer from panic attacks and had a diagnosis...they of a heart condition that added fuel to the fire,  I was also 22, no one knew, my parents didn't believe in doctors,  not sure if that was your situation.  A heart valve prolapse still remains and I am 47 on Monday.  I would like to let you know I partly understand and I go through a similar situation,  my anxiety comes in all forms,  due to trauma that has been ongoing.  The anxiety is not just one form but various forms,  there's triggers everywhere,  so one can tend to become full of fear and fear makes us paralyzed huh? I no longer fly, after I was also so afraid.  I am picturing you boarding the flight, my heart goes out to you so much...that fear I feel it, it does make you freeze in your tracks yes? You can Google brain function and what area of the brain fear derives from,  I think it is our sympathetic nervous system.  That system is where our "fight or flight response is...and now neurologically states that it is our fight, freeze, or flight response.  Our brains are actually working as a protective mechanism,  and they're discovering that those like us need to have brain scans,  known as a  "Pet Scan ", for purposes of seeing what is on our brain versus what is on our minds. I have avoided using the term mind, it is known that now more than ever before that the brain malfunctions if any major traumatic or prolonged emotional damage has occurred.  Also it only takes once to experience a frightening situation and the brain  kicks into protection mode.. similar to our hearts yes? We know that our hearts compensate over time and the brain is no different.  Wouldn't it be a great day to see doctors get some updated courses on the brain,  and see that there's a paradigm shift in the way panic and other anxiety disorders are treated,  as well as sufferers like yourself. So you are somebody!!!! I hope that you can get a new care team,  proper treatment and care for your brain health,  here's to you,  you deserve it!!
I just randomly look up info on mental health conditions and I saw this thread. I was soo touched by what you said Mary. I don't have PTSD or heart problems—well, as far as I know, I don't, but I got depression and anxiety. I was so easily triggered and felt fear most of the time. It realy stressed me out. My mom has the problems too, I guess I got it from her. For a long time life was frightening to me, and now, it is less. I tried a lot to keep my mind and body calm. Music, reading, self-persuation, etc.. Not much helpful. I just tried to make it reasonable. That's my way. Kinda like what Mary said. Thank you Mary for what you've said, and my best wishes to you, "Nobody".
I, too, was touched by your story, Mary! I also don’t have heart problems, but I certainly can relate to you and Anon with the depression and anxiety. Worst even is the PTSD I’ve live for 40 years. If you don’t have it, you don’t understand it. I was driving down a dark 2 lane highway on my way to a haunted house for Halloween when a man pulled up beside my car, leveled a 12 gauge shotgun out his passenger window and shot me across my left shoulder and wiped out most of the back of my neck. I survived by the grace of God! Now 40 years later I still have dozens of shrapnel in my head. This changed my life and has led me to be hyper vigilant, which really sucks cuz people (my family too) think I’m crazy and I just need to not think about it. It doesn’t work that way. The memory (sounds, smells, the feeling of being electrocuted, and Lord Jesus, don’t get me started on the night terrors that have never stopped!  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now, but whew it feels good typing this out to people who understand! . PS: Is everyone here aware of owning a therapy dog? Just about the same as a service dog but their vest and tag say therapy. Your doctor fills out a paper, you pay $79 fee, and you can take them with you anywhere. My Elvis has learned to stand on my chest when I start having a nightmare and lick my face until I wake up and start screaming. Alright, I promise, I’m done.  Love y’all from Tennessee!  Janiebaker1953@icloud.com
Thank you Janie for replying. It's really a great joy to talk with people who truly understand! I read your story, and shocked. I mean, I know, life is not easy, and there're reasons for my depression and anxiety, but I never thought I would experience such violence and menace. I think I could die there. Definitely a trigger. I'm sorry if my words remind you of the condition. I just received cognitive therapy and some meds, never heard of therapy dogs before. I love dogs, but I could't take it if my little one passed away...they are too good for me. But, thanks again! I'll have on when I'm ready. Thank you, really. Have a nice day!
I have Been suffering from PTSD for years now. Just got an official diagnosis of it from my new Psychiatrist! I was almost killed in a truck accident in 1962!!!! I couldn’t figure out why I did so many stupid things in my life until my Doc told me what ways wrong! Thanks Doc!
I'm glad you've known the root. I'm also a PTSD sufferer, but I've walked out of the shadow.