What May Happen to Ovaries after Hysterectomy?

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can ovaries be taken by  doctor without the consent of the patient, and can they be frozen for a later use for another patient?
no, docotor can't do this ,this is illegal.
Invasive procedures and examinations without patient consent are illegal
I had a full hysterectomy in about 2000 by which the ob/gyn used a robot to remove all female organs. Prior to that I had "CIN III" and I believe it was successful. My question is "can a form of cancer return?". I've been ignoring the pain for several months or perhaps years. Pain is located where ovaries used to remain. Please reassure my boggled mind....thank you...
Get a CT and you'll know. I know you've been scared to face it. My brother-in-law, he had a tiny tumor in hte liver 8 years ago, it was removed completely, in the past 4 years, he didn't go to his Dr. regularly as he should, coz he was scared, this summer, he had a blood test the tumor marker goes 1000 times the normal range. He had a very big tumor in the liver it's distant metastatic. The best way for tumor is to find early. Schedule an appointment, you got to face it anyway, and it's torturing being in the shed like this.
I had pain right where my ovaries were and had a sonogram (15 years after hysterectomy) and it turned out the pain was from scar tissue.
Hey, how’s going on with ur scar tissue? 2 days after hysterectomy , my aunt got very painful burning pain after urinating and pain radiates from vagina convulsing up through out upper stomach and wraps around love handles on back. “fire burning pain!” she can barely walk after peeing. 3dys later I took her back in hospital. Dr did Ct scan says he sees a little pocket could be beginning of an abcess.