What Are Types of Hernia Mesh Surgery?

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My Dad had hernia surgery and they use the mesh well we're having to take him back and forth every so often due to pain and I don't think anybody at the veterans is checking to see if it's that mesh they're going to run tests to see if it's his pancreas or his liver I'm wondering if it could be the mesh causing the pain in the discomfort
Hello, according to your description, did he have tension-free hernia repair? Generally speaking, this operation can repair all hernia gaps at the same time, and strengthen the consolidation and repair ability inside and outside the damaged abdominal wall. It will not produce tissue tension, and is not easy to relapse, and the recovery period is the shortest. Only half-body or general anesthesia is needed. There is a medium incision (about 4-6 cm long); it needs to be hospitalized for about 3-7 days, and the recurrence rate is about 1%. Complete recovery time is about 1 month for ordinary hernia and 3 to 6 months for extra large hernia. But hernia repair is harmful to the body, because the operation does not say 100% success rate, if there is any accident in the operation or no attention to rehabilitation after operation, it will cause some surgical complications such as scrotal cyst swelling, incision seroma, orchitis and testicular atrophy, the most serious is the recurrence of hernia.Therefore, your guess is not unreasonable. I suggest you actively cooperate with the doctor's diagnosis and treatment.