Are There Many Symptoms of Left Ovary Pain?

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Hi Serina, I went to the E.R so to pain in in urinal area. My discharge paper state that I have Endometrial cyst of ovary. I,m 57 and my menstrual stopped at age 45 . How serious is this because, i,m having other health problems right now so to spinal cord?
Chocolate cysts are a type of lesion of endometriosis, not a tumor. Surgical treatment is required after diagnosis.
cyst in the left ovary  2019
Hello, ovarian cysts have the following complications:
(1) ovarian cyst pedicle torsion: the incidence rate is about 10%, manifested as one side of severe abdominal pain often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and even shock.
(2) rupture: about 3% of the cysts may rupture, which may be caused by excessive tumor growth or severe abdominal attack, childbirth, sexual life, gynecological examination.
(3) Infection: Less common, caused by torsion or rupture of cysts, clinical manifestations of fever, abdominal pain and so on.
(4) malignant transformation: benign cysts of the ovary can be malignant, malignant early asymptomatic, difficult to find. If the tumor is found to grow rapidly, malignant transformation should be considered.
I recommend you see a doctor and get a treatment plan.