What Are Hernia Pain Symptoms?

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I suffer bad stomach pain & gas. The Dr said it's Hiatal hernia but I've been fighting my stomach pain for over a year & just had ultra sound a few months ago. Forgot when I was able to see primary Dr he never knows anything of why I'm there & I've forgotten after most of waiting! Gas pains so bad I feel sick.
You'd better have a gastroscope to see if you have a stomach ulcer or inflammation.
How do i check my husbands balls and around the area he complained he lifted something heavy at work that's why right ball hurts.. hes stubborn.. how do I do anexam on him. Not to look obvious..
I think he should go to a Urological surgeon, they have rich experience for  this.
I am to and its is base and painful and I feel it now
Pain with hernia is a telltale sign of strangulation, which should be managed promptly. You should go to the ER to get immediate treatment.