What Is the Definition of Pulsatile Tinnitus?

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What is the treatment for pulsatile tinnitus, I suffer with this terribly!
As of 2014 there were no medications effective for idiopathic tinnitus. There is not enough evidence to determine if antidepressants or acamprosate are useful. While there is tentative evidence for benzodiazepines, it is insufficient to support usage. Usefulness of melatonin, as of 2015, is unclear. Anticonvulsants have not been found to be useful.Steroid injections into the middle ear also do not seem to be effective.

Botulinum toxin injection has been tried with some success in some of the rare cases of objective tinnitus from a palatal tremor.

Caroverine is used in a few countries to treat tinnitus. The evidence for its usefulness is very weak.

The use of sound therapy by either hearing aids or tinnitus maskers helps the brain ignore the specific tinnitus frequency. Although these methods are poorly supported by evidence, there are no negative effects. There is some tentative evidence supporting tinnitus retraining therapy. There is little evidence supporting the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation.  It is thus not recommended. As of 2017 there was limited evidence as to whether neurofeedback is or is not helpful.

Alternative medicine
Ginkgo biloba does not appear to be effective.The American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends against taking melatonin or zinc supplements to relieve symptoms of tinnitus. In addition, a 2016 Cochrane Review concluded that evidence is not sufficient to support taking zinc supplements to reduce symptoms associated with tinnitus.