What Is Herniated Disc?

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What is the difference between a herniated disc and a bulging disc?
Hello, disc herniation and bulging is the difference in degree. Disc herniation is more severe than bulging. Bulging may be asymptomatic, and most people with disc herniation have symptoms.
My lower back on both sides of my spine are hurting when i stand and bending down it feels numb to the touch and feels swollen compare to the rest of my back
Herniated Disc is very common and your symptom sounds very like this. you should see a doctor and have MRI test for your lumber vertebrate.
I just found out that I have a herniated disc in my thoracic vertebrae. It's right between my shoulder blades. I had no trauma to cause this. I have had two fusion surgeries in my lumbar L4&5, and cervical C7&8. My doctor said there is no surgery to fix this because it's too close to the spinal cord, and could cause paralyze me. Any suggestions or restrictions I should know? I have osteoarthritis very bad.
Are there any symptoms? Doctors may give you pain medications or medications that control seizures and muscle spasms. Physical therapy also helps with pain. You can apply heat or cold packs to relieve pain and inflammation. Too much bed rest must be avoided, because it leads to stiff joints and weak muscles. Remember to go for a short walk or do something else after resting in a position of comfort for 30 minutes.
Hi I did a hand spring 2 years ago and I thought I pulled something in my lower  back right side a little off to the right I went to the chiropractor on and off for 6 months with no relief I always have a pain sensation that I try to ignore . Could this be a slipped disk or pinched nerve?
fell on my tailbone last feb. the last three disk by tailbone are bulged out. started feeling a little better in sept. but then i fell again. i was turning over in my bed a week after the last fall? and it felt like i was laying on a golf ball.  now i have an infection but that lump is gone and its draining. could i have slipped my disc.?
It might be. Or the lump is due to an infection. But since you get infection now which is a severe condition, you need to see a doctor ASAP. The lump disappeared because it formed into pus that has been drained.