Can Antibiotics Cure Strep Throat?

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My voice been horas after 2018 I'm a professional singer after I had my surgery been a Year.  I caint  sing like I use to I been to the throat doctor he check me  he said no cancer. But I'm not the same no more. My voice is harosie all the time when I sing 832 654 2670 Willie young
The hoarseness of the sound you mentioned after surgery, I think, this is a physiological problem, not caused by psychological problems. Therefore, I suggest that you currently need to address the symptoms of hoarseness after surgery, you can learn how to pronounce, pay attention to the use of sputum, if necessary, you are advised to consider the hospital ENT for further examination and treatment, at the same time, you also need Help yourself to try to adjust yourself, to fully understand and accept the symptoms of hoarseness, to learn to believe, to eliminate excessive fear and concern, and to maintain a good attitude, in order to be more conducive to You can get rid of the current troubles as soon as possible.
Cephalexin is an antibiotic that is taken for strep throat.
For how long are you contagious with the strep throat?
Hello, what questions do you want to ask?
Well once u start taking the antibiotics it's not contagious.