What Are the Signs of Seizures?

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My grandbaby crosses her legs n strains like shes trying to poop she makes the grunting sound and tightens up..Her Mom has seizers..Should I be concerned?.
I am nort sure about this ,you should go to Pediatrician and have syetemic tests , maybe only follow-up in a few years and see how is it going.
I assumed you ever since 2009 I was in a car wreck that caused me to have seizures I have grand mal seizures and stare seizure at one time I was having 3240 Caesars a week now I may have one maybe once or twice a week give it take but my stare seizures I can't count them cuz I don't know how many I have a damn then I went back to the doctor that said I'm having seizures that's not been detected
Had a seizure 3 days ago passed out at the wheel twice and then had a seizure at the doctor office what are the chances of having another
I am not sure .have you done blood tests and brain MRI? do you know the reason for your seizures?
I am so confused. Had a seizure 4 days ago and I have a huge headache and I have lost short term memory loss
Hi Ms. Amy, in my opinion you'll need to find out the cause of the seizure. Have you had seizures since you were a child?