When Is Hiatal Hernia Repair Necessary?

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I was just diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Hospital said it is small, but I have been nausea and vomiting.  And now in having alot of gas that is staying in. Should I go to another hospital for a second opinion
yes, surgery may help.
What type of surgery is used hyenal surgery
There are two types of operations that are used for hernia repair. One type is called open surgery, and it is considered the most invasive. For this surgery, the doctor cleans the area around the hernia and then creates an incision close to it. The sac containing the herniated tissue is then opened, and the tissue is pushed back into place. The doctor then begins to sew the weakened tissue that allowed the hernia to form, and he may use synthetic mesh to reinforce the area before closing the incision.
The other type is called laparoscopic surgery. For this type of surgery, two to five small incisions are made near the herniated tissue. Then, a tiny scope with a small camera attached, called a laparoscope, is inserted into the patient's body through one of the small incisions. This allows the doctor to see the hernia. Instruments are then inserted through the other incisions, and the doctor completes the rest of the hernia repair in a similar fashion to the open surgical technique.
I hav been having papatations fir week now. I had a partial wrap on my hernia but i regergitated last week n it was horrible...could something hav gon wrong with the partial wrap on hernia?
It is important to reduce the volume of the block by incarcerating the return. The volume of the block is the number of prominent segments of the intestine, and the second is the gas in the intestine. When returning, you can swing your head to the low buttocks and raise the protruding block. According to the size of the block, hold the block with one hand or both hands, apply even pressure gently, let yourself have an adaptation process, and then increase the pressure. The pressure is continuous and avoids squeezing and pinching. After the block is reduced, the block is pushed gently toward the inner ring, and the push still maintains continuous pressure on the block. Sedation in the whole process, if necessary, use the thumb, index finger, middle finger to gently squeeze the block to squeeze the intestinal tube gas into the abdominal cavity, reduce the volume of the block, and then squeeze to the mouth of the capsule, avoid rolling.
Where is the hernia happening? Generally, hernias are prominent in visceral tissues, such as the intestines. Hernias need to reset the protruding tissue as much as possible, rather than wraping. Your situation is very dangerous. Go to the hospital and ask the doctor to dispose of it.