How to Improve Kidney Function If I Have Kidney Diseases?

2 Answers

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My name is John Lenor,no smoking no drinking, lifting heavy bag's,Dr told me I have CKD , what can I do to treat the kidney? Please.thank you so much. You guys are life saver s.
At first,you should identify what cause your CKD.There are so many causes that you need to consult to nephrologist.
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My reading is 1.9 and I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and drink lots of water don't like sweets very much crave salty things, please what can I do to get better readings
Hi Ms. McClanahan, the reading of 1.9, what is the indicator? Serum creatinine?
Your serum creartine is 1.9? This means potentially an impairment in kidney function, and is a indicator of chronic kidney disease. I think your doctor will tell you more about the test, including eGFR value, you'll need to be careful about the protein intake according to the eGFR level. When the doctor discusses with you, I'm sure he/she will let you know what you need to do, medicaiton and lifestyle. Chronic kidney disease is usually associated to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, if you do have one of these, your doctor will also evaluate and see if you're managing these fine. These are called the underling diseases.
My Dad is 92 and his number fluctuates between 1.60 - 1.70. He drinks 60oz of water a day. Should I be concerned?
The serum creatinine is higher above the normal. Considering the age, if he has no other diseases, no need to worry.