Back Pain: Is It a Symptom of Kidney Stones?

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I have server back pain right side in and around my kidney area , constant urinating thought-out the night 3  to 4 to times. , Sometimes it's so bad, I can not even walk
You may be suffering from Kidney stone. go for a Ultrasound examination of urinary system
I Have lower back pain severe pain and i go to bathroom allday and night sometimes i can barely walk the pain is so bad.
You go to the bathroom to relieve the symptom of back pain? Your description makes me confused as to whether you go to the bathroom to relieve the pain, or you have both problems of back pain and frequent urination/bowel movements. Regardless of which scenario, you need to take a CT scan to find possible causes, such as appendicitis, disc herniation, spondylosis, etc.

yes, if it is on the right or left flank .

Ultra sound or ct will tell you for sure 

I had a CT with contrast but they said every thing was good. My lower right side at times is excruciating at times. I urinate no more or no less during the day and i don't wake up at night. Could it still be stones
CT shows kidney stones clearly, when the image shows no stone, it means no stone. When the CT is clean, the pain can be muscle or nerve. If there's nerve compression on lumbar spine, you can feel pain. Try to stretch left and right up and down see if at any specific position the pain relieves.