What Are Petit Mal Seizures?

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along with the petite mal seizure (which I have had since childhood  -   I am now in my late 20s), I am depressed (possibly bipolar) and suffer of all over body aches and migraines.
Precautions for daily care of epilepsy:

1. Appropriate work activities: The episode has been controlled, the symptoms are relieved, and those without mental disorders can be properly active and working. However, it is not advisable to engage in dangerous work such as high altitude, water, fireside, driving or high-voltage motor room. It is not suitable to participate in strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor. Try to avoid certain special factors, such as flash, music, fright, etc.; reduce sound and light stimulation, use curtains, filters, etc.; do not go to radiation or ok hall and other places to maintain a quiet environment.

2, drink a cup of warm water first: after brushing your teeth in the morning, first drink a cup of warm water, this cup of water should be used before breakfast, to supplement the loss of water in the body at night, to ensure adequate blood supply to the brain, prevent epileptic seizures Medical | Education Network collection.

3, develop a good habits: rest on time, to ensure adequate sleep, to avoid overwork. Eat a regular diet, eat every meal on time, avoid hunger and overeating.

4, indoor activities more rest: more frequent episodes, should be restricted to indoor activities, if necessary, rest in bed and add guardrail to prevent falls. If there is a warning sign, you should find a safe place to lie flat as soon as possible, and bite gauze or handkerchief between the upper and lower teeth. Usually carry the disease treatment card with you to get rescue and treatment in time.

5. Shrugging shoulders: After waking up in the morning, patients with epilepsy should do a shrug exercise for about 5 minutes to relax the nerves and muscles of the shoulders, keep the blood in the body clear, keep the blood supply to the patient's brain, and reduce epilepsy. The chance of attack.

6. Hot water rubbing the neck: When washing your face every day, scrub the ear with hot water of about 50 °C and apply it around the neck until the skin is red and hot. This action helps to improve
This message up above from Denise J.  Is totally incorrect. It’s absurd & crazy! I have had seizures for about 30 years, and almost everything here is crazy! I am a Epileptic, with Epileptic friends, we were shocked they even let this message out! Please do not listen to her message.
Sorry, I meant don’t listen to Lucy. Her ideas are crazy. I have had seizures for about 30 years. None of this is what you exactly do. Why did they let this person write this is insane
I am currently taking 500ml of lamectal (my seizures have actually increased), depression, migraines and all over body aches.
The amount of 500ml can be a big burden on your body. You should learn to adjust your emotions and manage your body. Try to divert your attention through some healthy eating habits or proper exercise.
I have had epilepsy since birth which started as grand mal seizures. After my sons were born, I only had petit mal seizures and am afraid of being outdoors alone. Maybe exercise would work in a city where there are walking groups! I am afraid of becoming unresponsive to others if I am walking alone!
Question: i had a  Siezure awhile back But what type of Siezure  would cause a Blackout and have un Believeable Strignth and punching.
Maybe an epileptic seizure. You should see a neurologist to make a specific diagnosis, probably with tests to look for certain conditions of the brain.