Can You Show Me Some Inguinal Hernia Pictures?

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Can a hernia cause u to have pain worsen when u eat anything
Increased abdominal pressure can lead to an increase in the inguinal hernia, such as when you holdyour breath. However, there is generally no discomfort such as increased pain. There is little relationship with food also. If the inguinal hernia is incarcerated, the pain will increase.
My bf is in massive pain and vomiting. He has an inguinal hernia that is huge. It moves From groin to testicals. He has no insurance. I can hear him moaning in the bathroom. What can I do?
You may try to push the inguinal hernia back into place, the procedures are simple, lay flat on your back, gently push it back toward the muscle opening, it should fall right back in. People say that way too easy. I've got to tell you I never did it successfully, not even once. It's easy to say but much harder to practice. Go to hospital, get the surgery. There's no better solution.
Is the surgery expensive, on one that is in the belly button
Hey, Stacy. The exact cost varies greatly depending on the hospital or surgical clinic. The average cost of an inguinal hernia surgery will range from $4,000 to $7,500 without any sort of insurance policies. Since all insurance policies vary, I have no idea about the reduction in expense. Maybe $650 to $1,200 after insurance kicked in I guess.
Thank you very much, I don’t have insurance, but I believe I can pay that much you have helped me