What Is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia?

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My white cells are high and my platelets are high and im 49
how much high?
do you have any other symptom?
if it's very high ,you should go to a Hematologist.
I had previously been told I had CLL several years ago.  Saw an oncologist for 3 years with no further signs of CLL.  For the last month, I have been nauseous, chills, sweats, bloating upon eating or drinking anything, fatigue and pain in my stomach.  My Primary Dr is checking for gallbladder problem.  My white blood count was 1200, and my Lymphocytes was high.  Could my CLL be advancing?
IT depends on other test. you should go to the oncologist for further evaluation
My white blood cells are low. Showing 3.46 lower than the normal range of over 4. Are there foods I can eat? I am also anemic. Need some advice.
You need to check in with your cancer doctor. Anemia is ok if you are still menstruating, just finished or in the middle. But for women who don't menstruate. Or men it's something more going on, usually all the people I know it some type of cancer may be happening.
Do not worry. 3.46 is lower than 4, but it is just tiny smaller than the normal. It does not necessarily indicate abnormality. You do not have to increase it. As for the anemia, have you seen a doctor and got the cause for it?