What Is Bipolar Borderline and What Are the Symptoms?

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Yes I'm borderline bipolar and I've been without my meds for about two months what can I do
Honey, you must be strong, though it is difficult. But you have to know that the initial treatment and medication period is the most difficult period. You may fall into the pessimistic mood of "I am a depressive patient", "depression can never be cured", "I will never get rid of this demon". So the initial treatment stage is the highest suicide rate stage of depression. But you must stick to it, take medicine on time every day, and tell yourself that you are not different from others. You are just sick, and people have to treat colds. Find more things to do for yourself, see mindless comedy, don't give your brain time to think, because the pain of depression patients comes from the heart, too much thinking will lead you into a pessimistic cycle. Over this period of time, your emotions will gradually move to a stable period, slowly happy molecules begin to fill your brain, you will begin to find the beauty of the world, you will experience extreme pain and more to cherish the people around you, and can have a better ability to feel love. At this time, you should read more books, reading can let a person out of the heart to see the world inclusive. In addition, fitness can make you recover faster. Depression not only has psychological harm to people, but also physical harm can not be ignored. After you feel that you are recovering for a while, you can start trying to quit. Remember! It must be after a long stationary period before you can start to give up medicine slowly! Otherwise, the recurrence is very painful and troublesome!
I am so sorry you don't have your medication. Have you triedT a non profit mental health facility, your community mental health facility? It may take time to get in, but it's a start. Hang tight through these times and I hope you can look forward toan appointment date!
My "bipolar" episodes are more agitation than depression. I'm agitated by the littlest things and am irratated all the time. My Dr. Has me on 2 depressive meds and I only seem to get more agitated as. I take them....so I'm stopping them both. All meds I have read about I've been on and they DO NOT work! Even 2mg of Xanax 2xs a day just brings my agitation down enough for me to work and deal with being in public!
you can't stop the drugs suddenly, which is dangerous. you must abide the prescription from the doctor. you should learn to control yourself .do sports, maybe yoga.
You shouldn’t be answering questions on this forum.  That is an unhelpful, judgmental answer and reveals how little you know about mental health.
If one could “learn to control their self” don’t you think they would?? Thank you oh wise one! Smh
It is dangerous to stop taking anti-seizure meds and anti psychotics suddenly.  And, yes bi-polar patients can practice behavior modification in order to put their best face forward to control others perception of them in social situations.  Agitation is difficult but through self-realization and determination one can control emotions and thoughts using effective medications and therapy. I have difficulty sleeping, irritability, and manic and depressive cycles. Yet, every day I am determined to do my best.  It is good to have activities that promote relaxation and cathartic creative outlets.  Don't let life go by thinking that your condition defines your life or that you don't have control.  It is a mindset.  Some of us just have to work a little harder to have good mental health. Trite and dismissive comments are negative. Don't be discouraged if something is not working or your side effects are not manageable. A good doctor who will work with you.
I keep thinking that yes it's possible for bipolar patients to control emotions and thoughts and put their best face forward, but all these things are deemed to avoid hurting others; deep inside, it's much harder for them to avoid hurting themselves. They are sufferers. I don't think it's something one can control or learn to control, or Woolf and so many great people would have lived like the rest of us. But we should learn. We should learn how to talk with them, to help them. Don't blame the patients. And don't try to teach them when you don't know much.
No, she is right. I'm bipolar borderline with anxiety and depression. Exercise is one of the best ways of relief. And, you do need to talk to your doctor before going cold turkey. A lot of medications can screw you up more if you just stop.
You can even have serious life threatening events even death stopping suddenly  and that’s not even considering the imbalance that could easily lead to suicide A lot of drugs have “black box” warnings regarding the sudden stop of these meds
Excellent points!
Bipolar usually cannot take an antidepressant alone . You need an mood stabilizer and possibly a antipsychotic Med . Antidepressant make bipolar manic, irritable , angry taken alone . Change Doctors