What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

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I do believe my husband is a nacassi. He is going therapy for substance abuse and I do believe he manipulates the therapist.
 It is hard to live with because I find myself always trying to defuse the problem before he starts an argument. I find myself not feeling good about myself. And pray for myself. Everyone he thought had his back has turned away. There are reasons this has happened and it's karma for everything he has done to me. I am looking for a vounsler who I can talk to so I can have peace.
I have been in my marriage for 4 years now ... my husband puts me down then can turn right around and act like what he said or did never happened ... he’s absolutely never wrong ... tells me all the time what his IQ score is... our communication is simply awful ... I’m completely unhappy... and feel like I walk on eggshells just to keep peace ...never saw any of this before we married ... sad
The theory is that if someone is consistently accusing you of cheating they are probably the one doing the cheating. They are hoping to catch you to justify their cheating in the first place.
I know exactly what yoyr saying.. i was withine 22 6rs married 12 and he ruined me....
This was a Very good advise!! My congrats to you
Jess...U'r relationship sounds similar to mine. Been together 26 years,  married 15. I've been trying so hard to figure out what's wrong with him. No communication,  lot of lying  & he's extremely angry. Is there a way I can email U ?
Yes, I would love to help you through this.
How can I email you?
yes I think that is very true I have become to realize I am n a narc relationship and he is always accusing me and I have come to find out he is cheating .and I beleive it is the cheater who accused all the time he accuses me of any Mann or I take blood thinner so I Bruce real easy he says that's from a man f...... the shit out of me
Actually I am in this kind of relationship too. We’ve been together for like 3 years and I started to feel something was wrong. Probably because of his family or his mother, he is not emotionally stable. Usually he doesn’t treat me like I am equal to him. I was not like an individual but his appliance. Sometimes I felt very depressed and frustrated when I was with him. But I just couldn’t leave him...
Alexis Madrid
Im wondering if damage to the amygadala through an auto accident 9 yrs ago(son went through the windshield), then while in recovery at the hospital he fell out of bed, he did have a subduro hematoma. Sustained injury to left side of head above eyebrow again., has been jumped and punched same spot, worked at s logging place, got hit with a huge log, same spot on his face/head. Could he have without a doubt aquired this NPD?
Hello, NPD is a psychological disorder, and your son is more like an organic disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check the head MRI or CT.
Yes, Depression is one of the most common psychiatric conditions in individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI). Though depression has detrimental effects in TBI and network dysfunction is a “hallmark” of TBI and depression, there have not been any prior investigations of connectivity-based neuroimaging biomarkers for comorbid depression in TBI. We utilized resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify altered amygdala connectivity in individuals with chronic TBI (8 years post-injury on average) exhibiting comorbid depressive symptoms (N = 31), relative to chronic TBI individuals having minimal depressive symptoms (N = 23). Connectivity analysis of these participant sub-groups revealed that the TBI-plus-depressive symptoms group showed relative increases in amygdala connectivity primarily in the regions that are part of the salience, somatomotor, dorsal attention, and visual networks (pvoxel < 0.01, pcluster < 0.025). Relative increases in amygdala connectivity in the TBI-plus-depressive symptoms group were also observed within areas of the limbic–cortical mood-regulating circuit (the left dorsomedial and right dorsolateral prefrontal cortices and thalamus) and the brainstem. Further analysis revealed that spatially dissociable patterns of correlation between amygdala connectivity and symptom severity according to subtypes (Cognitive and Affective) of depressive symptoms (pvoxel < 0.01, pcluster < 0.025). Taken together, these results suggest that amygdala connectivity may be a potentially effective neuroimaging biomarker for comorbid depressive symptoms in chronic TBI. I am in Neuropsychology and my brother changed mainly,  at age 25. His accident was at age 16.
No need to complain. If you don’t like it just leave it. Sorry but if you don’t take action don’t say a thing because YOU look bad.
You must love and understand the man you are with. Just go before something bad happens to you.
You must not comprehend medical. I am in neuropathology
Explain further please. I miss read. Talk to me. Is it as EVIL as I thought
Unlike high self-confidence and high self-esteem, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) affects many aspects of one’s life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. In general, you may be unhappy with life and disappointed when others are not admiring you or giving you privilege and attention. Your work, personal, and social relationships are likely suffering, though, you are unable to see your own role in these occurrences. Individuals with NPD are unable to realize the damaging effects their behavior is causing themselves and others. If you have this condition, people likely will not enjoy being around and you may feel unfulfilled at work, home, and in your social life. As for depression, it’s said that if you suffer from depression, being around someone with narcissistic tendencies can be psychologically toxic and can contribute to a worsening of your symptoms.
Thank u hun...very well said and very educational...
Is there treatment for narcissistic disorder? If so where could I seek this treatment. I would like to look into this for my ex-husband who I love and don’t want to give up on. We live in Florence Arizona which is between Phoenix and Tucson.
Mrs. Underwood, there's no specific medication for this psychological disorder. Medication is sometimes involves to manage the common symptoms in psychological disorders. Currently psychologists use talk therapy. For psychologists near you, you may check here. https://www.ehealthscores.com/providers/listing/AZ/FLORENCE/103TC0700X/
Looking for a book paper or stories examples of hystronic personality disorders
Good luck.. I dont think there will ever be a cure or treatment, affective anyway...
My ex shows signs of this behavior in my opinion...it's like he can't be faithful to anyone and uses others to get further in life with no consideration of others....and he preys on weaker women to get what he wants...am I wrong in never wanting contact with him ever again and how does this behavior effect others after a break up?
In my opinion, you're right to leave him. You're not cut out to help him. You have your own life.
Narcissism is NOT curable! Period! And a narcissist will continue to treat you like crap, then be very nice the next day like you were queen of his world. They cannot take any kind of criticism and dislike it when people disagree with them about ANYTHING! It makes for a very cinfusing relationship especially when they are nice, because you love them. You are better off just walking away. mi d you, they will try to stay in your life because they cannot handle rejection!
My husband and I have been married for 27 years. Our relationship is exactly as you said. He can be loving and then cruel to me. He can’t take constructive or suggestions for behavior.  He frequently threats divorce, but nerve follows through. I’ve told him if he wants out I will fairly divide our money equally. I live day to day, unsure of what to do. He doesn’t want to spend anything on me, so I have suggested legally splitting all assets (as we developed, managed and sold our businesses together) and the jointly contributing to the home expenses, but paying for the rest of our needs ourselves. He says yes, but I feel he doesn’t like loosing control, and I I die he’s not the benefactor of my estate. I looking for direction.
Does substance abuse fit into this behavioral situation? I have a younger sister that literally has 2 split personalities. She has family members fooled! She hides smoking, and drinks alcohol and denies it. She is in mid 50's. Very sad because she is currently living with my mother who is 83, and tormenting her.
No really, NPD is more like "I'm the most beautiful women in this world", "You must love me the most because I'm so great, I'm the greatest", or people would say a typical NPD celebrity is president Trump. Substance abuse, or addiction, is usually associated to mental health conditions like depression, or anxiety. However, from your description, multiple personality disorder is a possibility in your younger sister's case.
Substance abuse is often a factor in NPD which is thought to be borne out of deep seated feelings of inadequacy and extreme low self esteem and self concept.
Well, you mentioned NPD is born out of deep seated feelings of inadequacy and extreme low self-esteem and self concept, which I believe is true to some extent, but I do not see substance absue being a factor. None of what you mentioned has something to do with that.
Dr. DeAndre Wright,
I am puzzled at times in my residency at MU.I am proud to be able to work with the veterans. My question is one that has myself perplexed at times hence, there had been on several occasions during diagnosis that mirroring,and traits of NPD overlaps with BPD. I seek a more definite understanding however, as this occurs my first thought is bipolar borderline. Would my theoretical viewpoint be more inaccurate than accurate? How could I further investigate to see if, my diagnosis is accurate? I usually add bipolar borderline when mania plays a role with the patient. I do know with borderline trying to stop them from sliding into the area of dark triad sometimes we win, and often not. That's  kills my spirit.
Hi, Michele. I though Dr. DeAndre Wright was not a professional until I saw your reply. Was I wrong? Please tell me. Thx.
Don’t let your spirit die. Ther are those of us out here looking fir answers. I had no idea what BPD was until I stumbled onto it tonight.  Thank goodness I did. And learned more about DID. Makes so much more sense. Keep the Faith, please.
Don’t let your spirit die. Ther are those of us out here looking fir answers. I had no idea what BPD was until I stumbled onto it tonight.  Thank goodness I did. And learned more about DID. Makes so much more sense. Keep the Faith, please.
Symptoms include emotional instability, feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, impulsivity, and impaired social relationships.
People may experience:
Behavioral: antisocial behavior, compulsive behavior, hostility, impulsivity, irritability, risk taking behaviors, self-destructive behavior, self-harm, social isolation, or lack of restraint
Mood: anger, anxiety, general discontent, guilt, loneliness, mood swings, or sadness
Psychological: depression, distorted self-image, grandiosity, or narcissism
Also common: thoughts of suicide
I’m afraid my daughter is narcissistic. She spends all her money on herself, and has fetish for expensive clothe. Her house is full of junk. She buys so much and she is always broke. She has a 2nd husband that provides her with a house and car. They have been divorced for years. She has a boyfriend on the side that she keeps hidden from the guy who provides for her. Her life is a complete lie, and mess.
Being narcissistic isn't a disease, it's a personaltiy, established during childhood and adolescence, it's her way to view herself, the world, and the interaction between her and the world around her. It's uneasy to change it. Usually an acute change in life may impact her and make her change.
Have to disagree there at least 80% of my family are narcisstic I really believe it is in the blood I.ve seen it in 3 different generations
Of course Narcissistic is a disease, and genetics play a role, it's a disease inherited in family.
I think my ex has it, narcissistic, probably not as serious as a disease, I dont' know, something's definately wrong.

He always complains everyone not doing well, actually everyone works hard, the job, the household, the homework, he's the one who does nothing but keep shouting at people.
Personality disorders are in 90% of the population. 10% are "mentally challenged".
Meh= Apathy lethargy sociopath

We have turned feelings into disorders. Awesome!
Here are some pills! Bye now
My husband is a narcissist but refuses to acknowledge it. I wonder at times what I must have been going through when we met, I have experienced so much physical,mental, psychological, emotional and verbal abuse by him.
Oh, poor you! For those who suffer from this disorder, of course they won’t recognize it as a “DISORDER”. They could be so ruthless and selfish that they won’t spare a single second to think about others’ feelings! Honey, you’ve already suffered a lot. Don’t waste your time trying to make a compromise! After all, you will be the one that hurts most! Go ahead and get a divorce. You do deserve a better man!
Lorraine, don’t just jump and tell someone get a divorce. We don’t know their full story. We know nothing about their lives and attachments. We cannot be bias because it’s peoples lives are at stake. We must look at both sides, get the facts and evaluate. It takes 2 to tango. There is a cause and effect in anything that we do. They come here to voice out their feelings and seek clarity.

Again, I don’t condone the behavior.
My situation was so severe that it took divine intervention -literally -to cure it.  I was married to a narcissist who told me at the very beginning after he had injured me too badly to leave “My way or hit the highway”....I already knew what he was willing to do to me if I crossed him.  

So then I begin delving into being perfect; if I was perfect he would have no reason to abuse me.

Well it backfired and I began demanding that my children be perfect to “help make me look good”.... Now I’ve lost my children, understandably so. I was so terrified of my husband and had no family -zero- I was trapped truly trapped.

So in desperation I cried out to God and after 30 long long years of abuse I said “One of us has got to go.  Please let it be me.”~ 90 days later he was dead. He was immediately diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and the doctors gave him a year- the Lord gave him 90 days.

He never confessed to all of the physical damage he did to me he never confessed or showed any remorse for how he had destroyed our family with his 53 year addiction to the vilest violence & pornography.  I do not know if he molested our daughter but it seems that there’s a lot of evidence and I’m left heartsick frankly. I wish God had taken me. Taken me instead.  But you know what? – I’m gonna pick myself up dust myself off and get back into a life.  I have to believe the best is yet to come!  

My fear is that I do not know how to love~ only survive.
Sorry to hear that. But as you said, you have to get back into life and believe that the best is yet to come! You know, time can cure many things, and all you have to do is to believe and take action. Take action to do other things that can make you forget such terrible experiences. Take action to communicate with your families and friends. Take action to learn how to love again. I think that everything we experienced in our life are just experiences. No matter it is good or bad, we have to face it, experience it, leave it somewhere and then go on our life.