What Are Liver Lesions?

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Final report for abdominal imaging studies without an incidentally found lesions noted. Liver
Lesions.  Recently had my gallbladder removed.  I'm 83.
What does this mean?
I can hardly understand. What did your doctor tell you?
Do you mean “with” an incidentally found lesions? They’ve found liver lesions on you, right? Did the report say the lesions look like benign or bad? Lesions can be benign or malignant, if the report didn’t say it, your doctor will be able to make an evaluation based on the image(shape, size, etc.) and your blood test results. If your doctor thinks there’s a chance of malignant, he/she will order a biopsy, I think.
Please help me. I just got a United Healthcare Medicare summary notice. Saying I had a abdominal imaging study without an incidently found lesion noted: liver lesion.(G9551) ( my urologist did remove around 3cm found kidney mass (Sept. 11th).. renal cell carcinoma.Sucessfully. Report was done in July. Told about my kidney cancer at that point. Wasnt told about liver until report from United health, until report Nov. 4th, until I received this obscure notice. I don't know if radiologist looked at my MRI, closer, later. Getting this form from UnitedHealth now ? I don't know what to make of this. Couldn't the urologist have seen anything unusual with original MRI or found more wrong with my liver, located close to left kidney ? I'm confused they didnt tell me about this before my kidney surgery. By the way, they said they got all the kidney mass. Thanks for your help.
Which side is your renal carcinoma? left or right? liver is on the upper right abdomen and might be directly affected by right renal carcinoma. i am not sure whether you have been found liver lesion according to your description. you are suggested to ask your surgeon for sure.
My renal cell was on left side near " upper pole". It was removed Sept 11th. Was told they got it all. But when I received this United Healthcare non-bill, Nov. 4th, from U. Healthcare, saying Same radiologist said liver lesion on same August 1st report, that my left side renal cell was found an removed Sept 11th. I didnt know what to think. Checked with my Kidney doctor an they have no papers saying liver lesion. Called United today and even went to where my MRI W/ contrast was done. I asked them to see if radiologist could look at August 1st report, an recheck the Partial liver ( that was all the MRI would show) was indeed showing a liver lesion. I have already found a doctor for Tuesday to maybe decide whether I need bloodwork and another MRI on liver. I am exhausted an scared. I've had 5 MRI'S this year, without contrast because I need another back fusion. Which is located behind, where they removed partial kidney. I hope the radiologist will do a relook. I've had to many tests now.( radiation) Sorry for long letter. Thank you, Brenda
The surgeon discover lesions on my liver.  I was never told about these lesions so I don't know if a biopsy or blood test was performed.  I received this information from a medical bill from Medicare. From what I understand during the gallbladder surgery they incidentally saw the lesions on my liver.  Incidentally,  because they were not looking for that. Hope this is a better description of what happened.
A lesion is a general term, there are a few things that may happen in the liver: Cyst, hemangioma,Abscess,cancer.  If your surgeon didn't mention it at all, it's likely the lesion is a harmless one.  Of course, it's better to check with your surgeon.

Ct scan report noted:liver lesion

(G9551) I'm taking this as written on insurance report. Doctor never said a word to me. What does this mean? What do I need to do? HELP
This is the same thing I just received from United Healthcare yesterday. Had MrI w/ Contrast in July. They found the carcinoma cell in kidney. Removed mass but didnt mention to me about liver from above report. Said they got it all in kidney. No spreading. I'm upset, if it wasnt found before my kidney surgery. They could of possibly done further testing. What now. This goes with above text. Just saw this statement this person got. Mine was the same exact words. Thanks
Hi, brenda, liver lesion means there is a mass in the liver. However, the word "lesion" does not denote any reference to the nature of the mass. In the liver, it could be benign, such as liver hemangioma, which is very common. In your case, it could certainly be kidney cancer spreading to the liver. Since you have already done the surgeries, you need to talk to the surgeon about this finding. Maybe additional tests are needed to further investigate what the lesion is exactly.
Hi Craig. I wrote a long text in another above text, to Dean, up above. It should help explain. Yes, I had a left kidney renal cell carcinoma removed on Sept. 11th. Said they got it all. Talked to doctor today. Didnt see liver lesion on original August 1st radiologist report. But the Nov. 4th United Healthcare report I just got. Said the radiologist, wrote liver lesion, along with the code. Talked to all 3 parties involved an hoping to hear back, as to why result wasnt on the same kidney results taken 9n Aug. 1st. An Successful renal cell surgery done 9n Sept. 11th. Should of been on report. I'm waiting for answers. Thanks., Brenda
The most direct way is to retrieve the images of your July-August kidney MRI images and see retrospectively whether the liver lesion had already been present or not. To my knowledge, most of the images are stored for at least several months.
Thank you for your information. I will do that. Brenda