Can You Show Me Some Pictures of Heel Spur or Heel Bursitis?

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Do u get bruising on the top of ur foot and pain in the heel?
Calcaneal spur: refers to the pain caused by chronic damage to the fascia of the calcaneus. It appears as a beak-like hyperplasia of the calcaneus on the X-ray. Chinese medicine is called "heel pain."
Clinical manifestation
Pain at the bottom of the heel, get better after walking, start again in the morning or after a break, the pain is very strong during the activity, and some can take 1-2 hours to prepare for the activity.
Diagnose based on
1.More common in middle-aged and elderly people
2. When you wake up in the morning and walk down, you will feel more pain. If you walk for a while, the pain will be relieved. After a long walk, the pain will be aggravated after being tired. If you accidentally step on the brick block or down the stairs when walking, the foot will be too hard and cause severe pain.
3. There is a hard knot and obvious tenderness in front of the calcaneal nodule, and the pain can spread to the ankle.
4. Ankle joint overextension test is positive
5. X-ray examination: X-ray film shows osteophyte formation and beak-like hyperplasia at the anterior edge of the calcaneus
There is an external wash prescription. After I have applied it for some years, the overall effect is OK. I hope that most of the patients will benefit from it.
Radix Clematidis (Weilingxian)90g
Herba Clematidis Aethusaefoliae (Tiexiantougucao)90g
Carthami Flos(Honghua)90g
Put them in a basin, add water higher than them 2 horizontal fingers, soak for 40 minutes in water, after the fire is boiled, change to simmer, simmer for 30 minutes, add mature vinegar 150ml, put the painful heel (caution Burns), one dose per day, each time plus mature vinegar 150ml, a total of 6 days of treatment. By the application of the author, most patients have better results.
Side effects: If the heel has cleft palate, apply some moisturizer such as vitamin B6 ointment or vitamin E ointment.
What can I do to help me with the pain on my heel , very painfy
Almost nothing helps, I've tried ointment from US, Asia, Russia, none of them worked. I have to walk less. Used to walk an hour a day, now I'm no rowing machine.