What’s to Know About a Gallbladder Attack

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Ive been having severe stabbing pains on my right side and alot of nausea however,  I have been peeing frequently so I assumed this is kidney stones as ive had them before. This is 3rd day and I've been taking my pain meds more to take the edge off. Could this be my galbkadder??
I don’t know the location of your pain. Does it hurt when you pee?

If it's cholecystitis(infection in gallbladder), the pain can go worse when you eat.

Anyway you'll need to go to the doctor, a serious pain means something is wrong.
I'm having sharp pains under my right right breast almost like in my ribs. Also peeing more then usual,and alot of gas.
Are your blood sugar normal? Is there any pain when you urinate? Does your chest pain increase when you take a deep breath? The chest pain may be costal pericolitis, you should go to the hospital.
I have had not sharp pains but feels like bad indigestion right under breast in the middle.  Have had no other symptoms could it just be really bad heartburn or is it a sign of gallbladder issues?
it's hart to say depending on your only symptom.
what's make the situation worse?
if physical exercise worsen the pain, you should concern about heart attack.
if hunger make it worse , you should worry about problems of digestive system.
if it bothers you very much, you should see a doctor ASAP.
debbie sorry to heard your pain....i too had the same problem had upper and lower gi and i had h pylori...i would see a doctor....2 years later i am still suffering with belly pain...going to gi dr tuesday....good luck....
Everytime I eat I feel really bloated, lot if pressure in my upper belly and the right side below my chest and adomional pain  it's comes agoes and get nauseous does that sound like your gallbladder
Please tell me your age and sex. Have you ever had digestive tract disease before? This happens in the morning of the day or at every meal. Are the food you eat greasy, and do you eat a lot? How long has this been going on? Have you ever had an abdominal B-mode ultrasound? What's the result?
I get really bloated and gassy every time I eat. I also get pain in my lower back and side  Last summer I had a severe case of diverticulitis,  4 large gallstones were seen in an MRI, but was never brought up with me.
Diverticulitis typically presents with left lower quadrant abdominal pain of sudden onset. There may also be fever, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, and blood in the stool.you may have bloat and gas. I think it has nothing to do with gallstones.
t is unclear what role dietary fibre plays in diverticulitis. It is often stated that a diet low in fibre is a risk factor; however, the evidence to support this is unclear. There is no evidence to suggest that the avoidance of nuts and seeds prevents the progression of diverticulosis to an acute case of diverticulitis. It appears in fact that a higher intake of nuts and corn could help to avoid diverticulitis in adult males.
I have been  diagnosed with diverticulosis. I have swelling in lower left abdomen, but no pain. Is there always pain involved?
Not necessarily. You gotta know that diverticulosis is not the same with diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is inflammation of the diverticulosis. Typically you have no symptoms with diverticulosis, but you have pain and fever with diverticulitis.
I keep tasting salt and hurt in right side of my abdomen,  i have to keep swallowing to keep from throwing up when i taste salt...is this a sign my gallbladder is going bad
Hello, why do you ask if your gallbladder is bad? Do you have gallbladder-related symptoms? As far as your description is concerned, I don't see any gallbladder-related diseases. Maybe you need to provide more information.
I have pain on my right side and burning under my right armpit. The pain was off and on but seems to be getting worse. Could it be the gall bladder?
Hi Dorothy, it doesn't sound like a gall bladder problem to me. Rarely a gall bladder problem causes bad feelings under the armpit.
I had pain on right side , burning and sharp pain under right armpit. Ended up a cervical spine issue.
I am nauseous throwing up headaches at times sometimes I have pain on my right upper underneath my ribs and I only get nauseous when I eat and I've been throwing up and I've had dizzy spells here and there in the past 2 weeks do you think this could be my gallbladder
Yes, it's possily a gallbladder problem.
I just learned I have sludge in my gallbladder. What do I do next
If you don't have any symptom, the gallbladder sludge doens't need treatment. People who experience symptoms from their gallstones usually require gallbladder removal surgery.
I'm having gallbladder issues and due to holidays have been put off for appt with surgeon. I'm having uncomfortable feeling like a rock under my ribs and now a weird sensation in my mouth . When is it considered emergency?
Pain, nausea, vomit.
If you feel severe pain you go to ER.