What’s to Know About a Gallbladder Attack

14 Answers

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I had a CT scan and it showed my gall bladder is filled with fluid. Is that normal? My dr. Appt isn’t for 2 weeks
A normal gallbladder is like a pear-shaped bag, inside of the bag there's bile, which is a type of fluid. Bile flows into the intestines to help digest, so when your gallbladder is full of fluid, it means something blocks so the bile can't go out. The block could be stones or tumor.
What is sepsis
Sepsis is a life-threatening disease caused by the body's response to an infection. It develops when the chemicals released by the immune system cause inflammation throughout the entire body and lead to fever, chills, rapid pulse, nausea and so forth.
too sick to eat too weak to go anywhere. lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. possible gallbladder?
It does not sound like a gallbladder problem. Acute gallbladder problem is febrile. So why can't you eat? Too weak to eat? It sounds more like a rheumatic disease to me. Anyway, go to see a doctor to get tested.
Past 2 nights I’ve been awaken with terrible pain under my right shoulder blade. No pain under breast on right side but I do have an uncomfortable feeling. Could this be gallbladder issues?
Do you have a fever? If no, then it is unlikely to be acute cholecystitis (gall bladder infection). The possibility of a cardiac problem, such as angina or heart attacked should be seriously considered. They can be confirmed/excluded by electrocardiogram and blood tests.