What Causes Pain in Right Side Stomach?

6 Answers

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Pain radiation to right shoulder
I know a case of pain radiating to the right shoulder, it was from the liver. You should get a CAT scan asap.
it's hear to say , if it's only pain in right shoulder. does it related to having meals. if so, it can be cholecystitis, Duodenal ulcer. related to huger, it can be gastric huger.
Aortic dissection also can be a reason.
What could be the cause of white area under the fingernails?
Hello, it is normal for the nail to be white near the skin. If there is a small part of whitishness in other parts, it may be calcium deficiency or other trace elements. I suggest you go to the hospital for a check. wish you health.
I'm bloated all the time .Bowel movements sometime 2 or maybe 3 times a week.With on occasional pain on right side of belly buttom.Its impossible to live like this.I just turn 53,and have 2 kids (4-6) and I'm not ready to cash in my chips yet.Could it be an appendicitis as well..my doctor has no clue,and I don't think she cares.What is it???
I had similar symptoms. I used to feel so bloated, and there was so much gas in my stomach, the gas doesn't go up or down, it's always in the stomach I barely feel hungry. I was very irritated like for three years. I also constipation, 2-3 bowel movements a week, yes. And the bloating made my heart beat so fast, it was miserable. Later, I had some tests, Dr. said I had gastritis, gave me antibiotics. I took them, I started to feel improved and relieved. Three months later, the bloating came back. This time I didn't go to the Dr., cause I already understood what he said. I got mastic gum capsule, that is for gastritis, a traditional herb, I took 3 bottles, and I got better day by day. Yes, I like to read about herbs and I tried to help myself. I took probiotics every day for like three months, and I started to take nuts, apple, banana, other fruits since I've improved a lot with the bloating and gasing. I had 4-5 bowel movements a week. Since then I've recovered. I'm okay now. The bloating doesn't kill people,
Please consider taking a CT on abdomen, and a colonoscopy, these tests will tell you what it is.
I had my Bladder removed 4-9-18....I have alot of pain on my right side...It hurts so bad i have to take 10-325 pain pills..
Did the pain come right after the surgery, or a few months post the surgery? If the latter, contact your oncologist please.
My right side testical is bigger.but it is not paining.no redness.if I catch in my hand its cover full hand.
Get an ultrasound, it's harmless, non-invasive and tells you result in a few minutes.
my groin on right side hunts. An also pain on left under butt an down leg