What Are the Basics of Tuberculosis?

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Hows is it possible to have TB and yet I'm told its inactive?
it's possible.
Active tuberculosis, which is often referred to today, refers to patients with new smear, retreatment of smear and new smear. Active tuberculosis refers to those with positive sputum smear, which proves that M. tuberculosis is discharged. The lesion is active. There are often patchy shadows or tuberculous cavities on the chest radiograph, or disseminated lesions, indicating that M. tuberculosis is active. Virulent. After treatment for four months, the sputum smear and sputum culture negative were reviewed. The chest radiograph showed calcification, fibrosis, induration, etc., indicating tuberculosis control, no infectious and clinical symptoms.
I think your situation is no  TB bacteria is found in your sputum smear and no infammmation in chest X-ray.