What Are the Basics of Yeast Infections?

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What is the best treatment for vaginal yeast infection?
1. Change the pH of the vagina
If the vagina is washed with an alkaline drug, the vagina can be washed with 2% to 4% soda to change the living environment of the mold.
2. drugs
(1) Nystatin vaginal suppository, inserted into the deep part of the vagina, 1 time each morning or night, or 2 times a night for 2 weeks. A clotrimazole or miconazole suppository can also be used.
(2) Oral nystatin or fluconazole.
(3) Partial rubbing of compound nystatin cold cream or miconazole cream, 2 times a day.
Pregnant women suffer from fungal vaginitis, although there is a possibility of self-healing after childbirth, but the newborn is at risk of being infected, so it is still necessary to treat it in time. It is advisable to use it locally.
3. Male carriers
For male carriers, routine treatment must also be performed, which is one of the important measures to prevent female patients from recurrence.
I am having occasional vaginal  yeast infections and need  a medicine to eliminate this.
Hello, first you have to make sure that it is a vaginal yeast infection. It is recommended to wash with alkaline solution, taking or topical miconazole. Wishing for health.
What medication should I use, vaginal or pill by mouth?
Antifungal washing liquid and Antifungal oral drugs both can work .
I am now living in a retirement community and there is no doctor on the premises and I have to drive to a doctor in the area which makes it very difficult since I no longer have my car.
Hello, your community must have more than one similar to your situation? Regular physical examinations can be organized collectively. In this way, everyone has health protection.
Will using vinegar water douches help ?  What are some forms of alkaline washes you speak of ?
How do you get those little PH papers up in your vagina to get to vagina wall?  I am very tender to the touch all around genital area with itching.  I have recently been on two courses of two different antibiotics.
Who uses vinegar, if you have a better choice?  For the treatment of vaginal fungal infection, both oral and vaginal suppositories are effective. If your vagina is tender to touch, probably oral antifungals are a better choice.