Where Is the Pancreas Located in the Human Body?

4 Answers

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For last 2 days I have been having real bad pains just below between my breast the very top of my belly and goes around to my sides underneath my arms it hurts when I move or sit and hurts even worse after I eat or drink a little almost feels like a gallbladder attack but I don't have a gallbladder anymore could it be my pancreas ?
Dilatation of pancreatic bile duct can lead to pancreatitis, which could shows pain. Shingle is also a possibiity, the blisters often will be present in a week or two. Pancreatitis can sometimes be fetal,You need go to hospital, test for serum lipase and serum amylase.
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I have been in severe pain for 10 day no help in sight...pain that is unbearable I have had a stint put in my pancreas 6 times however no one understand my pain at this time...helpless
Hello Barbara, severe pain is killing, why dont you discuss with your primary see if you can get some stronger pain reliever?
what is the size of the pancreas
It's 6 inches long.
What can I eat?
If you have chronic pancreatitis, the diet for you is low fat & low protein, most of your calories should come from carbon. Foods for chronic pancreatitis: beans, whole grain, lean meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, skimmed milk.